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Everyman Millennium Library
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Incredible graphics, informative videos, and a wealth of text, including extracts and readings, combine to present users with information about hundreds of authors. Historical background puts each author and literary period in context. From Chaucer to Post-modernism, this eight CD set spans the 14th to 20th century.
Each CD offers the same menu bar, options, and general structure
, making it easy to both navigate each program, and to move from one CD to the next. Features include a printable notepad on which students may record information for research purposes, web links to discussion forums, and bookmarks.
The powerful search engine allows users to search by writer, era, format, genre, theme, position on a timeline, and more. An extensive glossary of literary terms and other pertinent vocabulary is also readily available.
Within each CD, users may search, meet real authors in the Reading Guide, check out additional resources in the media index, and attend interactive "Master classes" to discover the many dimensions of literary figures, movements, and genres. The programs are designed so that users may resume from where they left off in a previous session.

Disc 1: The Installation Disc: Load the entire library with this disc, then run each program from its CD.

Disc 2: The Age of Chaucer: Interview with Chaucer, Medieval London, Chaucer Abroad France, Chaucer Abroad Italy, The Church, Chaucer's Pilgrims, Pilgrim Quiz, Pilgrimage, Growth of Vernacular English

Disc 3: Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Period: Town and Country, Popular Culture, The Globe, Printing, Marlow and Jonson, Poetry, Shakespeare: The Man, Shakespeare: Anthony Holden Q&A, Shakespeare's Plays, Shakespeare Quiz

Disc 4: Restoration to Revolution: Milton: Biography, Extract, and Overviews of Paradise Lost, The Augustan Age, Satire: Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift, Rise of the Novel, French Writing and The Enlightenment, British Historical Writing, Dr. Johnson & His Circle

Disc 5: The Romantics: The French Revolution, The American Revolution, Revolutionary Britain, Romantic Poets, Romanticism Abroad, Austen and the Comedy of Social Manners

Disc 6: The Victorian Age: Historical Fiction, The Brontes, Dickens, Victorian Poetry, Popular Fiction, Rise of American Literature, Detective Fiction, Realism, Naturalism

Disc 7: Modernism and The Great War: Cityscape, Science and Technology, Travel and Adventure, The Irish Revival, Modernism, Poetry and the Great War, The Jazz Age

Disc 8: The Late 20th Century: The Second World War, The Cold War, The American Dream, Postmodernism, Science Fiction, The Global World, Writers on Writing

Minimum system requirements
Win 95-XP, P-100 MHz, 16MB RAM, 4x CD, 256 colors, 640 x 480

The Everyman Millennium Library 8 CD Set screen shot
The Everyman Millennium Library 8 CD Set screen shot
The Everyman Millennium Library 8 CD Set screen shot
The Everyman Millennium Library 8 CD Set screen shot

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