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TF-2088 Touch It Clothes
Special Education

The bold, bright, text-free screens of the Touch It series will delight students of all ages. Early learners and those with moderate to severe difficulties will develop hand-eye coordination skills by touching objects to eliminate them, as they travel across the screen. Using the mouse, touch monitor, or even an interactive whiteboard, students target and explode the objects. The speed, size and color of every object can be controlled by the teacher or therapist. Adjust the pointer size, number of objects, and even designate random selection. The program has color choices to allow you to design activities to develop visual and tracking skills. Scoring and timing are set for individual or group play. Ideal for developing targeting skills, gross motor control, anticipation skills, visual stimulation skills, and cause and effect.

Each CD ROM uses real photographs and is ideal for all ages. Articles of clothing include: gloves, jeans, sweater, skirt, t-shirt, hat, shoes, jacket, baseball cap, sandal, trainers, boots, coat, shirt, and dress.

Teacher Configuration Options:
� Select up to 8 pictures from a bank.
� Size of object - small, medium, large.
� Target area - small, medium, large.
� Choice of pointers.
� Length of game.
� Score and timing.
� Direction of object.
� Speed of object.
� Color of background.

Minimum system requirements
Win 98+, Pentium 200MHz, 64MB RAM, 24 bit color

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screen shot of Touch It Clothes touch screen game

screen shot of Touch It Clothes touch screen game

screen shot of Touch It Clothes touch screen game

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