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First Class Music





TF-2096 First Class Music
Grades 3-8, Inclusion, Win

This unique and long-awaited program will be music to your ears�.literally! Scores of first-rate lessons guide students step by step through the basic concepts of music with hundreds of interactive screens, tons of assessed activities, check points, and printable reports. Click on instruments to hear their timbre, lines and dots to discern rhythm, and animated characters to listen to melodies. Identify wrong notes in scales, work with patterns in music, and build your own tunes. Students learn about key elements of music such as dynamics, pitch, rhythm, structure, tempo, and timbre in 15 hours of learning divided into four stages. Each stage contains lessons with names like Levels of Loudness, White Notes, Jumpy, Smooth and Crisp, Voice Types, and Bowed, Blown, or Plucked.

� 375 interactive screens, 50 video clips, and 40 assessed activities
� 21 structured lessons organized into 4 stages
� Spoken instructions and feedback (with voice-off option)
� Help feature
� Hot-spot highlighting and pronunciation of all technical words
� Practice and feedback checkpoint activities
� Printable reports from intelligent assessment system
� 39 photocopiable worksheet masters to use for a full class presentation
� Teacher control screens to use with worksheets
� Teacher guidance notes

Minimum system requirements
Win 95, P-100 MHz, 640 x 480,16 bit color, 32 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM

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First Class Music software screen shot

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