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Word Processor


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TF-2115 Word Processor

Grades Kindergarten-13+, Inclusion

This is the most child-friendly word processor you've ever used. Designed for students, teachers, and parents, you can click anywhere on the page and just start typing - it's as easy as pencil and paper. With full multimedia support, you can drag-and-drop photographs, drawings, video, and audio�and your images stay right where you put them! You'll spend hours creating presentations, projects, and flyers based on the huge collection of clip art which is included on the desktop.

The built in voice engine speaks the text as you type. Even the spell checker can provide speech feedback. The Word Processor supports the most common file formats, making it ideal for use with a digital camera or scanner. It has a built-in "incredible email" function that allows combining digital photographs and captions into creative email messages.

The interface can be simplified with larger icons, or less icons for younger users. A free copy of Administrator is included with every purchase.

Get all the conventional word processing features plus:
� It talks! The computer voice gives instant feedback and can speak text as you type.
� Click and type. The cursor stays right where you put it!
� Ability to embed pictures, videos and sounds with drag-and-drop simplicity.
� Rotate text and pictures simply by dragging them.
� Hundreds of searchable pictures, sounds, and videos are always at your fingertips.
� Drawing tools include rectangles, ellipses, freehand, and straight lines.
� The Incredible Email link makes it easy to send documents, or snapshots to your Outbox.
� Files can be saved as a web page in HTML, and then viewed through any web browser.
� Fully configurable for every age level and learning ability.

Also includes:
� Tool Factory Administrator: A password protected management tool that allows teachers to set class or student configurations.
� Tool Factory Bank Manager: A user-friendly application tool that allows existing media banks to be edited and new banks to be created.
� Help System: Comprehensive help system includes interactive tutorials.

Minimum system requirements
Win 98/2000/ME/XP, 486 33 MHz,32MB RAM, 16 Bit color, 800 x 600, 4x CD, speech facility available on Win 98 and later
Mac OS 8.0,233 MHz, 24 MB RAM, 800 x 600, 4x CD, speech facility available on all Macs

image of word processor

image of word processor

image of word processor
1 User
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5 Users
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25 Users
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Network License
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image of word processor           image of word processor