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Podcasting- Lesson Plans for Your Classroom- Book/CD

Find your voice with Podcasting!

Anyone with a microphone, a Windows computer, and an internet connection can publish audio podcasts to people anywhere in the world! You no longer need 3-4 different software programs to create a podcast. All you need is the simplicity of  Podcasting. The software combines a scripting tool, sound recorder, easy uploading, and broadcast utility into one easy interface. Download the 30-day trial and see how easy it is!

If you can �point-and-click�, then you have all the skills necessary to create fantastic podcasts! You�ll never have to write a single line of programming code, or decipher complex RSS feeds. Podcasting enhances the communication between schools, communities and businesses, while also creating a platform for sharing ideas. It�s an incredibly fun and fiercely addictive means of communication.


� Podcasting software� Create, record, and upload your podcasts with �point-and-click� mouse skills.
� Great music and sound effects library � Clips are included right on the CD to add dimension to your voice without the worry of copyright violations!
� Subscription to Clip Art Station � Download a massive library of pictures and audio, without the worry of copyright violation. Incorporate music and fun sound effects into your podcasts to keep your listeners intrigued and coming back for more! www.clipartstation.com.
� Free server space on Web Page Station - Host your podcasts at www.webpagestation.com free for 3 months.
� 's Simple Guide to Podcasting � Get started with these easy instructions. (Included when purchasing Site License).

Podcasting for Education

Podcasting is a fantastic way to extend learning beyond the 4 walls of the classroom. Teachers can record lessons, students can build class projects, and parents can take part in daily classroom activities.

Podcasting for Business

Podcasting is a new way for businesses to reach customers and train staff. It only takes a few minutes to insert music, record a message, and add sound effects. Training courses and informational podcasts will add a 21st Century dimension to your business!

Podcasting for Everyone!

Show your personality with a personal podcast and invite your friends to subscribe. A podcast is more permanent than a phone call, and just about as easy! Show off your musical talents, share your knowledge, or simply stay in touch.

Nitty-Gritty Tech Specs:

� Platform: Windows XP or Vista.
� Playback on Windows, Mac, any iPod or MP3 player.
� Import sound clips (or entire podcasts) in .wav or .mp3 formats.
� Records in 1 track of audio. If you require multi-track recording, simply download Audacity for free, then insert your Audacity clips into  Podcasting!
� Sound clips: hundreds of sound and music clips included, copyright free.
� Clip Art Station: Download hundreds more copyright-free clips from www.clipartstation.com, subscription included.
� Save sound clips (or entire podcast) as .wav or .mp3 formats.
� Volume adjustment possible on any section of the sound clip.
� Subscription to Web Page Station included for free hosted uploads.
� Publish anywhere, inclucing: Web Page Station at www.webpagestation.com, your own website, a network server, or save on the local computer.
� Broadcast by email, or copy/paste a simple link into the �Subscribe� feature in iTunes or other aggregator.

More Podcasting Resources Available

Software -  Podcasting lets anyone easily build podcasts and upload them to the internet.
� �How To� Instruction Book/CD Set � �s Simple Guide to Podcasting makes podcasting a cinch.
Hosting � Web Page Station server space is included with every copy of  Podcasting. www.webpagestation.com
Free Podcast Directory- Post your best podcasts in the free directory at Web Page Station. www.webpagestation.com
Clip Art and SFX � Download sound effects, music, and photos to spice up your podcasts. www.clipartstation.com
Podcasting Kits � Podcasting Kits provide software, hardware and all the instruction you need to get started podcasting in one easy kit.
Hardware � Get digital voice recorders and mics.
Podcasting Mobile Labs � If you are instructing a group, this is the ultimate equipment and software purchase. Roll it in, and start podcasting!
Classroom Curriculum - Podcasting � Incredible Lesson Plans for Your Classroom - Book/CD Set

Minimum system requirements
Win XP or Vista
Playback on Windows, Mac, any iPod or MP3 player

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