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TF-2140 Fresco
Grades K-9, Inclusion
2002 BETT Primary Software Tools Award

Fresco is a truly creative graphics program for the new Millennium! Designed to take educational graphics programs into a whole new creative area. Users will be stunned by the realism of the different painting tools. Fresco is suitable for a range of ages. There are 4 built-in levels and teachers have the option to create new levels to meet the needs of individuals or groups of students. Ideal for use with a whiteboard, projector, or pressure sensitive pen tablet.

Real media includes: crayon, charcoal, pastel, airbrush, watercolor, spray, pen, charcoal, paint, pastel, felt tip, splatter brush, Italic pen, zigzag pen.

Stamp objects include: green leaves, brown leaves, stones, clouds, spheres, fire, cones, water drops, and grass.
� Choose from a variety of paper types and canvases.
� Experiment with symmetry and tiling effects.
� Use the picture brushes for truly creative effects. Increase or decrease the diameter of the brush.
� Multiple paint palettes. Lighten or darken each color by mixing black and white in the palette.
� Realistic effects such as diffuse, smudge, blur, colorize, and clone.
� Repeating patterns and realistic stencil effects.
� Other tools included for masking, zooming, erasing, snapping to grid, copy, cut, paste, and undo.
� Fully configurable for individual use. Teachers can: change preset levels, create new levels, set dialog and menu levels, set which buttons are available for students, switch tools on or off, and more.
� Compatible with a pressure-sensitive pen tablet.

Minimum system requirements
Win 95+, Pentium II, 32MB RAM, 4x CD

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Whole Class Fresco art software screen shot

Whole Class Fresco art software screen shot

Whole Class Fresco art software screen shot

Whole Class Fresco art software screen shot
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