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An innovative tool that gives students the power to custom build binary trees with text, pictures, and audio





Grades K-13, Inclusion

Students are encouraged to sort and classify information as they formulate "yes" or "no" questions to divide and subdivide information. Banks of words, pictures and sounds make the program fun and imaginative. Simple mouse clicks add information to the database, and easy steps lead users to categorize entered data. The result is a logical structure that can be saved or printed out for projects, bulletin boards, and work away from the computer. Zoom in and out, view work as a map, or edit questions through a clearly designed tool bar. Students have full control over their branching databases. An inspiring tool for any academic subject.

� Branching database program
� Add sounds, pictures, and text to binary tree structures
� Easy-to-follow steps
� Colorful and imaginative
� Save and print your work

Also includes:

Administrator: A password protected management tool that allows teachers to set class or student configurations.
Help System: Comprehensive help system is right on the desktop.

Minimum system requirements
Win 95+, Pentium, 32 MB RAM, 4x CD,  800 x 600

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image of Branch software

image of Branch software

image of Branch software

image of Branch software

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