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SuperSpell Grammar 2





TF-2147 Super Spell Grammar 2

Parts of Speech, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, and Grammar Usage.

Students click and drag or type to complete activities where they work on vital grammar skills such as forming adverbs, subject/verb agreement, compound sentences, quotation marks, and boat-loads more! Every screen includes an "Explanation" button that provides a quick text and spoken lesson including examples relevant to the chosen activity, and a "Check" button for checking answers as soon as the student has completed an activity. Throughout the program, kids are treated to high-quality, amusing graphics showing the Hoopers family having a blast at the beach. Teachers will love being able to create and manage classes through the Teacher Tools.

A second Teacher Resource CD contains 320 worksheets on parts of speech, punctuation, and sentence structure that can be reproduced for classroom use. This CD also includes extensive teaching notes, making SuperSpell Grammar the most comprehensive grammar program on the market.

� Over 190 grammar activities in both Grammar 1 and Grammar 2
� Easy to navigate lesson plans
� Spoken explanation of grammar rules
� b graphical and sound reinforcement
� Animated cartoon reward game
� Results stored and printed
� Teacher management system
� Teacher Resource CD with 320 worksheets included

Minimum system requirements
Win 95 and later, Pentium, 200MHz, 64MB RAM
Mac OS 7.6.1 and later, 100MHz, 64MB RAM

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SuperSpell grammar 2 software screen shot

SuperSpell grammar 2 software screen shot

SuperSpell grammar 2 software screen shot

SuperSpell grammar 2 software screen shot

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