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Keyboarding Adventure

10 different challenges teach 10 finger typing as you read with proper posture and hand position, speed and accuracy
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Keyboarding Adventure
Grades 1-6

Best Educational Product- PC Magazine 2004
Top Buy Award- PC User Magazine 2003
Best Buy Award- PC User Magazine 2000
Best Home Education Product for Teenagers and Adults- SPA CODIES Award Finalist 1998

Discover the Australian outback with your animated young guide Kewala the Koala. Kewala has a lot to learn of the dangers of the outback, and as you type he discovers more and more dangers! Hurry! Type faster so Kewala will survive his journey and make it to the Kingdom of Eaz. With clever commentary, 2,500 animations, 20 characters, and music, Kewala motivates children to keep typing without ever knowing that they are learning!

Keyboarding Adventure is structured of 10 different challenges. The first 8 adventures teach you to type with 10 fingers and the ability to read as you are typing. The program also illustrates proper posture and hand positioning so as not to develop bad habits from the beginning. The 9th and 10th challenges develop speed and accuracy. The exercises are modeled on English sentences and are part of a developing story as opposed to nonsense text. This helps to hold students attention, although occasional nonsense words are used to practice unusual letter combinations and concentration. Intelligent tracking monitors every keystroke to create a personalized course for every learner so that keyboarding skills are developed in the quickest amount of time possible.

Statements of Proficiency follow the end of each challenge to show progress detailing speed in words per minute (WPM) and accuracy. There are motivating Key Reports which graph the student�s progress in each individual key with relation to the standard average of speed and percentage of errors. Now kids can easily see their problem areas and focus more attention where it is needed. Progress reports are available listing all challenges, when they were taken, and the scores.

Advanced reporting features are a great way to show progress and learning! Teachers can change global settings such as one or two spaces after a period to fit their needs. There is also a graphical presentation of speed and accuracy per key, which can then be compared to the goals set by teachers.


�  2,500 Animations, 20 talking characters, 200+ unique environments, and music.
�  Intelligent tracking enables the program to build customized exercises, based on progress in previous lessons.
�  Designed for self-paced learning and independent use.
�  Includes courses for common punctuation, the number keypad, and speed and accuracy challenges.
�  Graphs track speed, accuracy, lesson progress, and show targets.
�  Mini-keyboard continuously displays keys mastered.
�  Start at any level, the program adapts to the proficiency of the user.
�  Admin module makes managing large groups of students a breeze.

Keyboarding Adventure is widely recognized as the fastest tutor with the highest success rate!

"Most of the time students don�t like to practice their keyboarding skills. With this program they didn�t complain and enjoyed learning. They had fun."
� Mark Ravenscroft, Keyboarding Instructor

"Students seemed riveted by the 'game' feeling of the program."
� Sally Bisaccio, Network Lab Supervisor

"The students enjoyed this program. I was surprised at how intent they became on trying to improve. Several even asked to use it during recess time!"
� Marianne Mulfinger, Lead Technology Teacher

Minimum System Requirements
Win XP, 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM
Mac OSX, 128 MB RAM
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