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Science Diagrams






Science Diagrams
Grades 5-12, Win

Finally, students can peer into the human body, take apart car brakes, or see the phases of the moon, right from the classroom! Students and teachers can create interesting illustrations of their class work or projects, allowing everyone to see and understand science concepts. With over 200 pre-constructed and editable diagrams, Science Diagrams is the perfect time-saving tool for generating worksheets, quizzes, and lab reports.

Diagram Topics
� Human Biology - Includes all major organs and senses, plus a complete skeleton.
� Plant Biology
� Chemical Apparatus - Includes a large range of glassware in common set ups or pieces that can be snapped together.
� Industrial Chemical Processes
� Earth Science
� Mechanics
� And More...

All diagrams can be used straight from the library as well as edited to the user's needs. Challenge students to create working energy circuits. Leave parts of diagrams blank to quiz others. Diagrams can easily be created from scratch, with a variety of drawing tools. Change the vocabulary in a diagram, or edit the picture itself to tailor any diagram to your curriculum.

All diagrams are readily pasted into word processing documents for lectures, presentations, projects, quizzes, or handouts. It also works wonderfully on whiteboards for whole class participation. Students and teachers alike will love having the ability to produce the diagrams they need in the classroom!

"Science Diagrams effortlessly allows construction and customizing of flow charts, cycles, and other science algorithms to suit any level of instruction."
Mike Smith, 30 year science teaching veteran

Minimum system requirements
Win 3.1+, 486, 4MB RAM, SVGA, 256 colors, 2x CD

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science diagrams screen shot

science diagrams screen shot

science diagrams screen shot

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