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Phonics 4

Fourth in a series of 4 CD-ROMs: focuses on short and long vowel sounds

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Phonics 4
Grades 2-4, Inclusion

The Smart Phonics software follows an easy-to-use layout, based around 3 activities for teaching each letter/sound relationship. These are: listen to the poem, find the sound, and make words. The main menu provided separates sounds into groups, select a sound, with corresponding picture to play the three activities for each sound! Featuring: specific vowel sounds and all the different spellings for that sound.

Listen to the Poem:

Listen to the poem. The words highlight as they are spoken and the focus phoneme stays highlighted.

Find the Sound:

Click on all the focus sounds in the words. A counter at the side tells you how many more are still to be found.

Make Words:

Click and drag the letters into the blank areas to complete the words. Simply by rolling your mouse over the choices or the stem word the sounds will be pronounced. Learn to distinguish spellings of words with similar vowel sounds. When all the possible words have been made the program will automatically move on to the next game.

Distinguish Vowel Sounds:

Click and drag pictures and words into the correct focus sound area. Classify the difference between short and long vowel sounds!

With 3 different types of reinforcement the child is sure to learn the focus sound with each activity.

Minimum system requirements
Win 95+, Pentium III, 32 MB RAM
Mac OS9+, Power PC 120 MHz, 32 MB RAM
screen shot of Phonics 4

screen shot of Phonics 4

screen shot of Phonics 4

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screen shot of Phonics 4       screen shot of Phonics 4