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Teacher's Cupboard






Teacher's Cupboard
Grades Kindergarten-2, Inclusion, Win/Mac
Finalist for Teacher's Choice Awards 2001

One teacher would like an apple, the other a crown. Eager young learners must venture into magical lands with kangaroos and giants, to find the gifts their teachers most desire. Early readers and non-readers alike will dive into books with this interactive literacy program. Two wonderful adventures lead children through focused literacy activities where they practice skills such as identifying beginning letter sounds, story sequencing, and filling in missing words from a selection of pictures.

Now your students can work independently on their reading, while the program provides assistance with difficult words. All text is clearly narrated at the reader's pace with word-by-word highlighting. A repeat speech button lets learners hear unfamiliar words as many times as they need.

Photocopiable resource materials and a comprehensive teacher's guide are included with the software. Young children will be enchanted with reading in the Teacher's Cupboard!

� 2 interactive adventures
� Packed with focused language activities
� Fully narrated
� Word-by-word highlighting of text
� Includes resource materials and a teacher's guide

Win 3.1, 486, 66MHz, 8MB RAM, 2x CD, SVGA.
Mac LC475, 8MB RAM, 2x CD, 640x480, 256 colors

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