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Early learning software with fun activities with colors, numbers, letters, phonics, rhymes, songs, and mouse control

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Kindergarten - Grade 1, Win

They're drippy-droppy, splishy-sploshy, splashy little globs. They're bright and sunny, fast and funny, creatures called The Blobs. The brilliant characters in Paintbox Land stimulate your child's imagination and teach them about colors, letters, and numbers. Kids will see how much fun phonics can be when they click on paint cans labeled with letters, and hear the sound each letter makes, as many times as they like. They'll practice mouse control as they fill in screens to reveal wonderfully animated scenes with purple puppies and fluttering butterflies. Catchy rhymes and delightful songs are guaranteed to engage your pre-schooler. This program is ideal for first-time users of the computer.

� Ideal for first-time users of the computer
� Fun activities with colors, letters, and numbers
� Engaging phonics activities with colorful characters
� Mouse control exercises
� Lots of catchy rhymes and songs

Minimum system requirements
Win 95+, Pentium, 16 MB RAM, 8x CD

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