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Motivate students with a multi-player math challenge





Grades 3-8, Inclusion, Win

! Students compete against their friends in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division games, across the school�s network. Designed to develop mental math skills, Speedy will help students increase the speed with which they can calculate math problems in their heads. Take instructional lessons from Filuren, the helpful math guide. Receive practice tasks, qualify to compete, then embark on a lightning fast competition across the school�s computer network. Use the internal chat feature to invite a competitor to play. The multiplayer internet feature means students at different schools can challenge each other, and children can even compete with parents and grandparents! The Speedy Manager function allows teachers to peek in on students� progress, check high scores, change difficulty levels, colors, sound, and more. After the journey students will receive a driving license that contains all their results from lessons, qualifications and competitions!

Filuren's Lessons - The lessons contain easy reviews of how to think when doing mental arithmetic. Choose one of the four rules of arithmetic and then pick a lesson. The lesson contains both text, speech and graphics. The lesson ends with a quiz question to see if the student has understood the lesson.
Practice - Choose an arithmetic rule and then a method: Choose from Bubble, Mixer, or Crib Sheet. You can practice your multiplication tables and other mental arithmetic in peace and quiet. The student always gets feedback on how he or she is doing but the results are not saved.
Qualifying - You have to reach certain standards or times to qualify for the competitions. Choose from: Time Out, Stress or Race. Your best results are saved in the high score table. The requirements for qualification are decided by the teacher in Speedy Manager. If you do not pass the qualification stage you are not allowed to compete!
Competition - Choose if you want to compete against your own saved results, or against your friends. You can compete with yourself, or with friends, on the same computer, on a local network or on the internet!

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