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SEMERC Picture Builder


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TF-8056 Special Education

Coming soon! SEMERC Picture Builder is a text-free CD ROM, designed to support the progression of switch access skills. Preorder Special - Preorder now and receive an extra user license for each copy purchased.

Using colorful animated screens with music and sounds, Picture Builder attracts and holds the attention of users and is suitable for teenage and older users as well as early years pupils and the profoundly disabled. Activities aim to develop access and switch skills, using 'cause and effect' work as well as making choices and encouraging language and communication work. Can be accessed using switch, mouse, keyboard or voice input.

Activities  include:
- Jigsaw maker
- Pattern generator
- Puzzle slider
- Reveal and knock out
- Noisy coloring
- Image builder

This CD ROM allows you to import files from digital pictures and scanned images, as well as offering a vast bank of images for you to choose from. It is fully configurable for the individual user and with printable user records available. It is available in dual format and suitable for one, two or multi switches, working with space bar, mouse-click and touch-screen.

Load different effects and then choose one of the fifteen images: chessboard, Manhattan, grid, shapes, lines, snake, wheel, confetti, dancing line, bars, rings, ovals, Xs, moving line, and wobble. A great program for students requiring visual stimulation.

Win 95, Pentium
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