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Assessability is a CD based assessment which uses pictures, sound and video to assess basic numeracy & literacy skills at entry level to college.





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BETT Award Shortlist 2002 Special Educational Needs Software
ERA 2002 Education Resources Winner: SPECIAL NEEDS

Special education

Assessability features:
� Assesses entry level basic skills and a range of cognitive abilities
� Switch accessible
� Provides easy to read results and reports
� Indicates strengths and areas for development
� Modules include communication, number, social skills, visual and verbal memory
� Uses photographs and everyday signs and symbols
� Is ideal for basic numeracy and literacy assessments
� Is suitable for students entering college for the first time, clients in residential homes, social services and day centers.

Communication - 4 sections covering reading and the understanding of symbols, words and phases
Visual Memory - remembering shapes and designs that have been seen for a short time
Application of Number - simple calculation with basic numbers and money (UK currency), along with measurement terms and telling the time.
Logical Reasoning - recognizing the similarities of everyday objects and categorizing objects.
Spatial Ability - imaging shapes rearranged and fitted together
Verbal Memory - remembering information presented orally
Social Skills - students are shown a short video and asked to identify six incorrect social behaviors shown

For each model assessed, there is a breakdown of the overall scores which are presented in numerical and text format.

The numerical report gives a STEN score for each module, while the text report gives a feedback statement for each module assessment. For both the Communication module and the Application of Number module, this comment will indicate the actual level that the student is working at. Fro all other modules, the comments will consist of statements about the student's cognitive ability in the relevant modules.

Assessability is ideal for basic numeracy an literacy assessments, and is suitable for students attending further education, clients in residential homes, social services and day centers.

The CD can also be used by careers and personal advisors dealing with clients who have learning difficulties.

The report Assessability produces outlines the range of scores obtained and indicates the time taken to complete the assessments.
"Students who tried it enjoyed it enormously." Special!

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