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Letter Olympics - For B/D Reversals

Letter Olympics has activities to help students with dyslexia discriminate between letters "b" and "d"





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Letter Olympics - For B/D Reversals
Grades Kindergarten-2, Inclusion, switch accessible, Win/Mac

Young learners and students with dyslexia alike will love taking the sporting challenges while working on b and d reversals. Activities cover recognition, discrimination, and differentiation for lower case letters b and d, with full auditory and visual instructions emphasizing accurate sound pronunciation of the b and d phonemes.
Letter Olympics is an innovative new resource designed to aid learners with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. It provides a useful addition to any structured learning program and is ideal for use as a therapy tool as well as with the inclusive mainstream classroom. Children up to 7 commonly reverse the letters b and d, but ongoing reversals are sometimes a cause for concern and may need extra support. Persistent letter reversals or confusion may affect literacy development and can result in reading and spelling errors, frustration and poor self-esteem.

� Visual motor and letter formation
� Visual memory and sequential memory
� Visual Closure
� Visual discrimination
� Figure ground skills
� Spatial memory, inference and deduction

Sporting themes:
� hurdles
� track races
� ice hockey
� diving
� tennis
� skiing
� motor
� racing
� golf
� 10 pin bowling.

For example, within the skiing theme, the user has to complete a downhill slalom course as fast as possible following a course made up of b and d slalom poles!

There is an extensive range of printable records, worksheets and clip art. Excellent teacher resources and ideas are available and can be printed from the Teacher Notes folder on the CD-ROM. Teacher options enable the activities to be tailored specifically to the needs of the individual. Devised by occupational therapists and specialist teachers, this unique CD-ROM is dual format, switch accessible and comes with both US and UK accent sports commentators

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