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Magnify OutLoud

Keyboard and Software
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CG-01 A Robust Screen Magnifier that Reads the Text to You.

Unlike complicated software driven platforms that are difficult to master, all magnifying and reading functions via the keyboard and mouse. The ease of use makes Magnify OutLoud ideal for the occasional user in a library, or those with minor computer skills. For the elderly with visual loss the simplicity of this system supports their computer use.

- Move the sliding bar on the wireless keyboard to magnify pictures and text.
- Use the scroll wheel on the wireless mouse to move the screen up, down, left, right.
- Tapping the same scroll bar reverts to other open programs, documents and files.
- Preset and programmable keys allow for access to the web, email, programs, files, folders and documents.
- Other keyboard buttons overcome the finding and fetching of platforms on the toolbar.
- Additional buttons shut down and log off, increase, decrease, and mute sound.
- The Read Text feature is controlled with two keystrokes ("Ctrl" and "C").
- Quality of the magnified text is much superior to the leading zoom-type screen readers.
- Speech quality is provided by AT&T Natural Voices, the award winning digital voices.

System Requirements
Win XP Pro/Home, Pentium 800 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 500 MB disk space, MS Internet Explorer 5, PS2 or USB keyboard or mouse, CD ROM.
 image of magnify outloud keyboard
PowerPoint Demo