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Scan N Talk Ultra

Scan N Talk Ultra scanner, ReadText screen reader & magnifier, & AT&T Natural Voices


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Scan N Talk Ultra

And in a few seconds the “printed” sheet is read aloud to you in the clearest of voices


Scan N Talk Ultra helps folks challenged with
• Low Vision
• Dyslexia
• Print Disabilities
• Literacy Difficulties
• ELL and ESL

This technology allows the “printed” word from documents, books, magazines, etc to be accessed, thereby meeting and exceeding the many accessibility laws and mandates. Scan N Talk Ultra is the only platform that includes both software and the Scanner
• High speed flatbed scanner
• High speed USB 2 – much higher speed
• Twice the resolution means better reading quality
• Better OCR with will mean less editing
• 20% less hard drive space needed for processing and storage
• ReadText screen reader/web browser/email reader
• A full-screen text window highlights each word as it is spoken.
• Read multi-columnar items such as newspapers and magazines
• Read multiple pages by pushing the button after listening to each page
• Read text that is offset on the scanner!

The User has full control using the mouse or using hot-keys on the keyboard:
• Reading speed
• Male or female voice,
• Type size/colors
• Start/stop
• Find
• Forward
• Backward
• Print/save
• Pause

The text is spoken clearly and naturally with AT&T Natural Voices
150 page developers guide is included
Adding, editing and changing words are easy

Scan N Talk Ultra accesses the “printed word” for the visually impaired, allows those with dyslexia to greatly improve word recognition, improves reading capabilities for the poor reader and those with learning disabilities. And for those learning a new language, it associates the printed word with the spoken sound.

System Requirements:
Windows XP (only), Pentium IV, 500Mhz, USB port, 600MB free disk space (suggest 1 GB), 128MB RAM (suggest 256MB), sound card
image of scan n talk ultra