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Teen/Adult and Child Sets

Finally, a system that facilitates communication for students whose understanding is enhanced through objects. The set consists of 30 different objects mounted on laminated cards with matching Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols. This method encourages transitions from objects to symbols, and/or text as well as meets many other communication needs. Click for the list of 30 topics covered.


  • Realistic objects mounted on 4 in by 6 in cards.
  • Implement immediately using included curriculum ideas.
  • Huge time saver! The searching, shopping, and constructing have already been done for you.
  • Great for schedule and choice making.
Talking My Way Object Communication System image Talking My Way Object Communication Cards are an ideal way to create a talking schedule board. In the photo, a HandyBoard, two large Pal Pads, two Talking My way Object Cards and a VoicePal 8 (mounted behind the board) are displayed.

This five-card set makes a great object-based communication tool for those learning or directing self care. Each individual can now have his or her own card set with this supplemental pack.

Self-care topics

  • bathroom
  • take meds
  • wash
  • comb hair
  • brush teeth

Great tool for self-care schedule boards

Talking My Way Object Communication System image

Talking My Way Object Communication System image

Blank Card Set
5 Cards
Pick 5 Below

Card Set Contents:

  1. 30 Object Communication Cards
  2. Idea sheet
  3. Manual

Listed cards and objects are subject to change and
may vary due to availability of materials.


Child Cards

Teen/Adult Cards

1. Art
2. Bathroom
3. Blocks
4. Brush Teeth
5. Bubbles
6. Bus
7. Circle Time
8. Classroom
9. Comb Hair
10. Computer
11. Drink
12. Game
13. Lunch
14. Music
15. Nurse
16. OT
17. Outside
18. P.E.
19. Play-Doh
20. P.T.
21. Puzzle
22. Read
23. Rest
24. Sand
25. Snack
26. Speech
27. Tape Player
28. Video
29. Wash
30. Work
1. Bathroom
2. Bowling
3. Break/Snack
4. Brush Teeth
5. Bus
6. Comb Hair
7. Computer
8. Cook
9. Crafts
10. Drink
11. Eat
12. Exercise
13. Game
14. Go to Bed
15. Hamburger
16. Music
17. Outside
18. Pizza
19. Play Cards
20. Popcorn
21. Puzzle
22. Read
23. Recreation
24. Take Meds
25. TV
26. Video
27. Walk
28. Wash
29. Water Plants
30. Work

Five Card Set

You can also buy a set of five cards. Choose any five cards from the Child or Teen/Adult sets.

Blank Card Set

In addition to a full set of pre-made cards, 10 large (4 x 6 in) and 10 small with velcro and plastic ties is available with which you can make your own objects. Anything you can imagine, you can make.


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