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Clarity Professional C4230HS

DCP technology and 50 dB of intelligent amplification make conversations louder and clearer

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Clarity Professional C4230HS

Hear clearly. The Clarity Professional C4230HS 5.8GHz amplified handset uses DCP technology and 50 decibels of intelligent amplification to make conversations louder and clearer. Compatible with either the C4220 or C4230 amplified cordless phone, the C4230HS expandable handset is ideal for those with a moderate-to-severe hearing loss or low vision.

� Expandable handset is compatible with either the Clarity
� Professional C4220 or C4230
� Digital Clarity Power technology including Multiband Compression, Noise Reduction and Acoustic Echo Cancellation
� Amplifies incoming sounds up to 50 decibels at 118 dBSPL
� Adjustable volume and four (4) tone settings for a customized listening experience
� Digital 5.8GHz transmission provides interference-free sound
� Full-duplex speakerphone in handset
� Call Waiting Caller ID with 40 name and number memory
� Bright red visual ringers in handset and base signal incoming calls
� Bright white LED screen is easy to read
� Hearing Aid Compatible

Clarity Professional C4230HS