Program Sections of AT Tracker Plus

A comprehensive database providing file maintainence, search function, and reports for AT referrals, support, assessment, and inventory
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Assistive Technology Tracker Plus
A comprehensive database for points of contact of service provided in the field of Assistive Technology
AT Tracker Plus is divided into 3 sections:

1. File Maintenance: This section will allow you to input all your data on your students that receive AT services. If you try to print from this section, you will print all the individuals that have been entered. If you need to print a page for an individual student, you have to go to the report section.

2. Search/View Data: This section is to search all your data that you input in AT Tracker Plus´┐Ż. Will allow you to search for referrals, assessments, technical support and equipment.

3. Reports: Will allow you to print out individual reports on all of the individuals that you have entered in AT Tracker Plus. You can import data from other team members that input their data on another computer in the report section. There is a note pad for AT members so they can type in notes at the site of the assessment or technical support so they can use the notes to help with their report writing. You can import assessments and technical support information from another computer to the master computer.

Versions (pricing for large institutions available upon request):
AS-ATP01 1K Single version (1st User) Tracks up to 1,000 individuals $ 525.00
AS-ATP011 Additional Stations for single version (per station) $ 175.00
AS-ATPNT10 1K Network version (Unlimited users) $ 1,325.00
AS-ATP05 5K Version Tracks up to 5,000 individuals $ 1,365.00
AS-ATPNT50 50K Network version (Unlimited users) $ 2,725.00
AS-ATP10 10K Version Tracks up to 10,000 individuals $ 2,975.00
AS-ATPNT010 10K Network version (Unlimited users) $ 3,535.00

Win 98, 2000, XP (Pro/Home)


1K Version
1st 1K User
Additional 1K User
1K Network Version

5K Version
5K User
5K Network Version

10K Version
10K User
10K Network Version