AT Tracker Plus

A comprehensive database for points of contact of service provided in the field of Assistive Technology
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Assistive Technology Tracker Plus

AT Tracker Plus will help you document the following:

1. Assistive Technology Referrals:
Allows you to track needed information on each individual: date referral is received, name of person receiving AT services, site, AT contact or team member, ID #, parents name, address, phone numbers, type of referral.

2. AT Assessments:
Allows you to track the date assessment is completed, AT team member that provides the assessment, recommendations made by the AT assessment.

3. AT technical supports:
Allows you to track the number of times that you provide technical support to an individual who has received an AT assessment.

4. Equipment Inventory:
Allows you to track new equipment that has been received. You can track the equipment by serial number or any number that you choose such as a property control number.

5. Equipment check out/in:
Allows you to check out/in equipment for an individual. The equipment is checked out according to what has been added to the inventory. You can assign a Due Date and print out a report when equipment is due at the end of school or loan period. Keeps a record of equipment that the individual has used in the past.

6. Equipment repair:
Allows you to track equipment that needs to be sent off for repair. You can track the equipment by serial number or any number that you choose such as the property control number or barcode.

Versions (pricing for large institutions available upon request):
ATP-01 1K Single version (1st User) Tracks up to 1,000 individuals $ 525.00
ATP-011 Additional Stations for single version (per station) $ 175.00
ATP-NT-10 1K Network version (Unlimited users) $ 1,325.00
ATP-05 5K Version Tracks up to 5,000 individuals $ 1,365.00
ATP-NT-50 50K Network version (Unlimited users) $ 2,725.00
ATP-10 10K Version Tracks up to 10,000 individuals $ 2,975.00
ATP-NT-010 10K Network version (Unlimited users) $ 3,535.00

System Requirements

Windows 98, 2000, XP (Pro/Home)

1K Version
1st 1K User
Additional 1K User
1K Network Version

5K Version
5K User
5K Network Version

10K Version
10K User
10K Network Version