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SwitchIt! Gadgets

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Part of the SwitchIt! Cause and Effect Series

Build up electronic gadgets and then see and hear them working. Gadgets included are: Computer, stereo, radio, camera, digital alarm clock, cassette player, video, stopwatch, fax machine and mobile phone. Lovely clear graphics style � age independent. Fully configurable � decide which images to show, turn on or off sound effects, choose the background colour for better contrast etc.

Learners who use switches to access a computer need a range of software in order to motivate them to develop their ability to use switches. The computer can also give them relative independence in learning new concepts. The SwitchIt! series from Inclusive Technology is designed to help switch users develop and demonstrate understanding of language concepts, as well as develop their ability to use switches.

SwitchIt! Gadgets has been designed to develop and demonstrate understanding of cause-and-effect through pressing a switch (or other input device) to build a scene. Animated rewards motivate success.

Settings, or preferences, can be saved and loaded at any time for use by a particular user.

Get the best from your IntelliKeys

Use your IntelliKeys to display flash cards, complete picture builds, and tell simple stories by touching the board or pressing an attached switch. The board will work as one or two switches.

System Requirements


Operating System: Win 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP
Minimum RAM: 64 MB
Hard Drive Space Required: 5 MB
Minimum Processor: Pentium II
CD-ROM: Required
Sound Card: Required
IntelliKeys: Optional


Operating System: OS 9.2 or higher (not OS X)
Minimum RAM: 128 MB
Hard Drive Space Required: 32 MB
CD-ROM: Required
IntelliKeys: Optional

SwitchIt! Gadgets is targeted at the following age ranges:
� Early Childhood
� Early Primary
� Mid Primary

SwitchIt! Gadgets is designed to foster development in the areas of:
� Switch use
� Cause-and-effect

Users can access SwitchIt! Gadgets in the following ways:
� Mouse, Trackball, Joystick
� IntelliKeys
� Touchscreen
� Single Switch
� Multiple Switches
� Switch Adapted Mouse

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1 User
5 Users
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