Teddy Games

For pre-school and pre-literacy use to help develop visual perception, memory, and language skills



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Teddy Games

A CD bursting with interesting activities for young children. Lots of fun, animation and sound. Teddy Games is designed for pre-school and pre-literacy use, to help develop visual perception, memory and language skills.

There are 12 different activities:

Make it happen - something happens when you click on objects.

Who's there? - someone shows up when you click on an object in the picture.

Who's ringing the bell? - someone stands behind one of three doors. Click on the doors to open them.

Find one the same - an object is displayed above a row of similar objects. Drag the object which is identical to the gray silhouette.

Match the picture - a picture is presented at the left of the screen. At the right side will be pictures belonging to the same category, for example, vehicles, animals, birds. Drag the left object to the identical object on the right side.

Sort by color - several objects are displayed around colored boxes. The objects have to be picked up and placed in the box of the same color.

Odd one out - here you will see four objects - one does not belong. Click on the object to be removed and it will disappear.

Dominoes - drag the wagons to the train. The pictures in the wagons have to match.

Complete the picture - a completed picture is shown, along with the elements to build the same picture. Pick up the pieces and drag them to complete the picture.

Build a scene - place objects of your choice in the background picture. There are four different environments: bedroom, living room, in the garden and a street. Objects cab be picked up and dragged to the scene. Clicking several times on the objects cycles through several objects of that type before you make your choice.

Dress the teddy - there is one girl teddy and one boy teddy to dress. There are many different clothes to choose from. Click several times on the clothes to select.

Find the other half - match picture halves that belong together. Drag the right half to the left half on the 'paintings'.

Each activity contains between 4 and 15 different sub activities. The program starts with a picture menu showing a room. Click on different items in the scene to enter the different activities. Activities are presented randomly within each section, so the CD is full of surprises for the users. The teddy at the bottom of the screen gives instructions and also gives a visual and auditory reward for success. The setup window allows you to set the difficulty level, use of sound and which access device is to be used.

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Targets the following age ranges:
� Early childhood
� Early elementary

Fosters development in:
� Early Concepts
� Switch Use
� Literacy
� Choosing with a switch

� one or multiple switches;
� a touchscreen;
� a mouse, trackball, or joystick;
� an IntelliKeys keyboard;
� a switch adapted mouse; or
� a Concept Keyboard.

System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP,
8MB RAM, 256 colors, sound card, 3MB HD space, CD ROM drive

teddy games software

teddy games software

teddy games software

teddy games software

1 User
5 Users