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Connecting Switches & Switch Interfaces

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USB Switch Interface Plus

Our recommended switch interface

This is the link between single switch input devices and Macintosh or PC/Window computers with USB capabilities. The interface is utilized by software written for 1 to 5 single switches. The jacks fit a standard 1/8" mini plug for which adapters exist, if necessary. It provides easy access to Intellitools Software, and Kurzweil System

USB Switch Interface






A wireless link allowing 3 switch input for the Swifty above.

The Beam is generally used by those with adaptive switches that wish to break the hard connection between the switch and Swifty. Often this is a power wheelchair owner that wants independence from an attendant for connecting and disconnecting his or her switch.

Illustrated with button switch (not included)

image of Beam wireless link for Swifty

Mouse Interface - 5 (MI-5)


  • 5 mono jacks for 5 single switches
  • USB interface built-in
  • No software drivers required
  • Small size and inexpensive option for mouse control
  • Switches or wheelchair connecting cable not included


  • Size: 4.25 x 2.25 x 1 in (11 x 5.5 x 2 cm)
image of mouse interface 5 connecting 5 switches for mouse control



Mouse Emulator - Wired

The 553 is a mouse emulator, configurable to 3 to 5 switches, with 4 switches moving the mouse right-left and up-down, and, with 5 switches, like a joystick.with 5

Mouse Emulator - Wired image



Mouse Emulator - Wireless

The 554 is a mouse emulator, configurable to 3 to 5 switches, with 4 switches moving the mouse right-left and up-down, and, with 5 switches, like a joystick.with 5

Mouse Emulator - Wireless image


Swifty w/ Cables


Wireless Option


A very fast 2 switch USB interface that emulates, mouse, joystick, and keyboard functions which are set by dip switches. USB powered and small it works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems with no extra drivers required.


  • Stereo jack (single switches need cable kit)
  • Small size
  • 2.5' USB extender, stereo cable extension, 2 mono-1 stereo adapter
  • Wireless Option( Beam)
  • Optional Cable Kit

Swifty image of Swifty 2 switch USB interface

Cable Kit
image of cable kit for Swifty USB interface

Swifty w/ Cables



  • Just plug it into the keyboard port (and plug in up to 2 keyboards into the SwitchBox). Then plug in your switch(es).
  • 8 switch ports default to the most commonly used key presses for switch software (Space, Enter, up arrow, left arrow, 0, 1, 2, 3).
  • Plus software which allows you to program the ports to send alternative key presses, words, sentences or command strings.
  • SwitchBox is also a keyboard splitter! Two PS2 ports will let you attach a standard keyboard and a Big Keys at the same time.

System Requirements:

  • Suitable for Win 95, 98, or ME
  • NOT Suitable for Win 2000 or XP

image of SwitchBox




Wireless Switch Interface


  • Easy set up
  • Radio frequency (no line of sight requirements)
  • Up to 100 feet distance
  • Supports 1 to 5 switches
  • USB for Mac or PC/Windows computers
  • 1/8" plug for switch connection
  • Uses standard alkaline 9 volt battery
  • Change templates with a push of a button
  • No additional USB drivers required
  • Supports industry standard single switch software applications

Wireless Switch Interface

Wireless USB Switch Interface


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