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This vector-based drawing package includes a powerful range of tools for creating spectacular drawings. Using the same kid-friendly interface as the suite of programs in Workshop, this package is fully configurable to meet all student needs. Create lines, shapes, and other geometric drawings. Build plans and maps. Because it's vector-based, Draw give students the ability to easily adjust, move, and rescale the shapes they have created without losing any quality. Use a wide range of drawing tools, shading, graduated and solid fills, rotation and scaling facilities, a drawing grid, and a range of themed color palettes. In addition to all of these tools, the same bank of clip art found in Workshop is available right on the desktop.


� Easily adjust, move and re-align shapes created.
� Undo and redo facility.
� Orthogonal and isometric drawing grids.
� A range of drawing tools, fills, rotation, scaling, and cloning.
� The ability to convert text to editable shapes.
� Access to a media bank of over 1600 pieces of clip art.
� Fully configurable to meet the individual needs of students.
� Can be used as a stand-alone application, or as an addition to Workshop.

Also includes:

Administrator: A password protected management tool that allows teachers to set class or student configurations.
Bank Manager: A user-friendly application tool that allows existing media banks to be edited and new banks to be created.
Help System: Comprehensive online help tells users all they need to know about Draw. Also includes interactive tutorials.

Minimum system requirements
Win 95+, Pentium, 133 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 8x CD, 800x800, 16 bit color

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