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BBC Science Simulations 3

Simulations 3 include exercise & health, plant germination & growth, food webs, changing material states, electric circuits, forces & friction, & light & shadows





BBC Science Simulations 3
Grade 3-5

Did you ever wonder your body�s recovery rate was after an intense work out? This third CD challenges students to explore further into the world of science by proposing more detailed based questions to explore and increasing the number of variables to manipulate. BBC's Science Simulations 3 allows the multi-sim feature, which allows pupils to view direct comparisons by running two versions of a simulation in parallel. Student�s ages 9-12 years are provided with the opportunity to select variables, control time and to view the results of their experiments as animations and/or dynamically generated tables, graphs and diagrams. 7 interactive simulations are provided each with dynamically generated tables, graphs and diagrams. �Questions� mode provides a series of focused questions on the simulation at hand. It stimulates new ideas and intuitive ways to manipulate variables to observe different results. Click on the camera icon to print, copy or save a screen shot of the experiment at each day - then later retrieve the picture to place in a report! Printable versions of all questions are available on the CD. BBC Science Simulations 3 has even more engaging graphics and simple intuitive controls.

Teacher controls allow you to configure the access to specific simulations, questions, graph, multi simulation mode, or table view on or off. IWB settings tab allows Teachers to switch the main toolbars from the left of the screen to the right for ease of use when presenting with a whiteboard. Brief overview's of each simulation is available by selecting the information tab, or view student records both found in teacher controls! Perfect for whiteboards!

Simulations include:

Exercise and Health Investigate how exercise type, fitness level and duration of exercise affect a person�s pulse rate, breathing rate, stamina level and recovery rate when they exercise. Please note: at 20% stamina level, the person is unable to continue exercising.

Plant Germination and Growth Investigate the conditions that a plant needs in order to germinate and observe how a growing plant responds to different levels of water, light, warmth, and nutrients as it grows for 30 days.

Food Webs Vary the numbers of waterweed, mayfly larvae, caddis fly larvae, stickleback, perch and pike in a lake habitat. Investigate how organisms depend on each other for survival over a 50-week period.

Changing State Observe what happens to different materials such as water, rock and nitrogen when they are heated and cooled. Investigate which changes are reversible.

Electrical Circuits Explore making series or parallel electrical circuits with a wide variety of components. View the circuits as drawings or as circuit diagrams.

Forces and Friction Select the force, weight of object, and surface type, then push the object to see how far it travels. Identify the factors that increase friction.

Light and Shadows Observe how shadows are formed and investigate how moving the torch or the object changes the size of the shadow.

Minimum System Requirements
Win 95+, Pentium 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM, sound card

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