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Simulations Explorer

Simulations 3 include exercise & health, plant germination & growth, food webs, changing material states, electric circuits, forces & friction, & light & shadows

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Simulation Explorer
Grade 2-6
BETT Award Winner 2006

Try experiments that would be difficult or impossible in real life. Create an alien plant by experimenting with soil types, and watering with juice! Simulation Explorer is a superb new science program, jam-packed with computer simulations of real and imaginary science experiments. Run the snowball simulator and determine what angle you want the snowball thrown, and at what velocity, then click TEST to watch the animated results. The �results� button reveals the results of all trials for a side-by-side comparison. Challenge students to find the answers to focused questions, then print out a colorful reward certificate to show the level achieved. Print your simulation as a worksheet with blank lines for free writing, capture a photograph of the simulation page, or print all trial results on one page. Each simulation comes with printable worksheets, clipart, and extension exercises. Activities include alien plant, braking distances, pond habitat, throwing snowballs, and tooth decay.

Every aspect of the program is narrated by running the mouse over the key buttons. There is also a narration button to repeat instructions when needed. Each simulation presents focus questions, which help children determine how to manipulate each variable. The program has two levels for each of the 6 simulations. The first level allows students to use 2 variables in each simulation, level 2 challenges students with 3 variables.

Minimum System Requirements
Win 95+, Pentium 233 MHz, 64MB RAM, sound card

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