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Idiom Track

Students of English as a second language learn idioms about animals, food, drink, color and the body





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Idiom Track
Grades Kindergarten-1, Inclusion
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Engaging, fun graphics illustrate the literal and real meaning of each idiom, grouped within categories such as animals, food and drink, color, and parts of the body. Activities to further practice and reinforce the meanings of idioms gradually build up the users� understanding and confidence in the social skills of communication (what does it mean? complete the idiom, choose the real meaning, choose the correct idiom).

Some learners will need the support of more formal intervention to reach an acceptable level of understanding � Idiom Track enables this.

A vital option that has been included is the ability to import your own digital images to illustrate real meanings of particular idioms � thus facilitating one of the most useful ways of teaching idioms.

Idiom Track is a starting point for teaching idioms � curriculum linked suggestions encourage working towards further discussion, exploration and collection of a bank of idioms. Dual format and switch accessible, Idiom Track is supported by a range of accessibility options, clip art and user records � providing a fantastic, unique resource for a wide range of users.

Idiom Track is particularly well suited for use with those learning English as a Second Language.

Win 95, P-133 MHz, 32 MB RAM, sound card
Mac OSX compatible

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screen shot of Idiom Track
screen shot of Idiom Track
screen shot of Idiom Track
screen shot of Idiom Track

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