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Sound Beginnings - Making Sounds

Sound Beginnings - Making Sounds is the 3rd such program to encourage communication in young esp. special education children




TF-20104 Sound Beginnings Making Sounds
Grades Kindergarten-1, Special Education, Inclusion, Win/Mac, switch accessible

Sound Beginnings - Making Sounds is the third edition of this unique vocalization program, designed to encourage communication in young children and those with special education needs. Sound Beginnings Making Sounds encompasses even more exciting activities using voice stimulus. A simple microphone is all that is needed - no voice input training or complicated configurations are needed.

This PC and MAC dual format CD-ROM includes the Racing, Jigsaw, Blow-up, Invaders and Floating activities from the PC only Sound Beginnings 1 and 2 programs.

The activities are particularly suitable for students who are at the early stages of acquiring spoken language.

Racing - Use sustained sound to keep a car moving around a race track. Students explore usage of volume - the louder the sound becomes, the faster the car will travel!.
Jigsaw - Put a puzzle together with your voice! Every time you make a sound, a piece of the puzzle will appear. Select the number of puzzle pieces. You can even import your own photographs into a puzzle. Try this activity with a digital photograph of the student you are working with.
Blow up Balloon - Students make an extended sound to blow up a balloon. Say "AAAAAHHHHHHHH" and the balloon gets bigger and rises until the student stops vocalizing.
Invaders Game - Students say "fire" (or "hit", or "blast") to eliminate the enemy creatures. Say "left" or "right" and the character moves by your command to avoid getting hit. Teachers can select the number and speed of things coming at the player.
Floating � Sustain a sound for as long as possible in order to keep a creature floating in the sky with her balloon.

Activities are fully configurable for various ability levels, and printable user records are also available. There is even a gallery which can be viewed showing saved screenshots from selected activities that the users have played. Students will want to play over-and-over again!

Minimum system requirements
Win 98+, Pentium 200MHz, 64MB RAM, 800x600, sound, CD, speakers or headphones
Mac OSX+, OS9 (Classic)

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