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VoicePal Levels

A customizable, natural-voice communication aid for anyone experiencing communication challenges
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Vibrating Motor Cable


VoicePal Levels

The VoicePal Levels is a customizable, natural-voice communication aid for anyone experiencing communication challenges. The VoicePal Levels can adapt to the growing skills of the individual. It is portable, lightweight and easy to program. Messages can be accessed by direct selection using the on-board keypad, by plugging adaptive switches or Taction Pads into the external jacks or by scanning, either visually or auditorially. Slip a symbol or picture overlay into the built-in pouch to customize the keypad presentation. Total record time is 90 or 120 seconds depending on the version. Four AA alkaline batteries (included) will last several months with normal use.


  • Four levels (was two).
  • 17 minutes of record time (was 90/120 seconds).
  • Improved sound.
  • Improved scanning capabilities.
  • Price is same as VoicePal Levels 120.

Basic features

  • Easy to record.
  • Record time of 17 minutes.
  • Four levels, each up to 10 messages.
  • Customizable keypad of 2, 3, 5 or 10 messages promotes skill building and growth.
  • Delayed activation, 0 or 2 seconds.
  • Relay (toy-appliance) jack for external device to build cause/effect relationship skills.
  • Keypad for direct selection and access for ten external switches.
  • Sequential messaging. Randomized messaging.
  • Improved sound quality, through internal speaker or external speaker/headphones.
  • 4 AA Batteries (included) - long battery life.
  • Visual and Auditory Scanning
  • Scan up to 37 messages (using Nested Scanning).
  • Four selectable scan speeds/inter-auditory delays.
  • Six methods of scanning: Positive (automatic), Inverse, One-button step, Two-button auto-step, Two-button manual-step and Nested.
  • Visual scanning with build-in LEDs.
  • Compatible with the easy-to-use external scanning 3-LED cable or 3-vibrating motor cable (purchased separately).
  • Auditory scanning cues are output through internal speaker or external speaker/headphones (purchased separately).
  • Cue-word or full-message auditory scanning.

Optional Accessories - Only available with purchase of VoicePal Levels

  • Vibrating Motor Cable, ADP-VPL-VBM
  • Standard LED, ADP-VPL-LED
  • Standard LED, ADP-VPL-LED/LG

VoicePal Levels

VoicePal Levels

VoicePal Levels
wo Taction Pads
w Taction Pads
Vib Motor Cable

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