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The Tech/Speak is multi-level augmentative and alternative communication device designed to aid communication through direct selection. Using �Real-Voice� technology, the Tech Series provides speech playback at a high audio quality. �Time-Lock� technology controls recording to enhance the operating experience. Non-volatile messages can be stored for up to 100 years with no power. The Tech/Speak is user-friendly and easy-to-use, while also being durable and rugged. Made with a shatterproof high impact ABS injection molded case, they are designed to be drop resistant. The water resistant pressure sensitive membrane panel operates with a light touch. The Series is light-weight and portable. A shoulder strap is included and all units can be easily mounted.

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Message Length Levels
  2 4 6 12
Standard- 2.25 sec        
Black Grid on Gray Base Tech/Speak Tech/Speak Tech/Speak Tech/Speak
White Grid on Blue Base Tech/Speak Tech/Speak Tech/Speak Tech/Speak
Extended- 4.5 sec        
Black Grid on Gray Base Tech/Speak Tech/Speak Tech/Speak Tech/Speak
White Grid on Blue Base Tech/Speak Tech/Speak Tech/Speak Tech/Speak
• Black: Black grid with a gray base
• White: White grid with a blue base.

Other options:
• 2, 4, 6, and 12 levels
• time per message: standard (2.25 sec) or extended (4.5 sec)

The Tech Series is manufactured to the highest commercial standards to provide many years of reliable performance.

Tech/Speak Series Features
• �Real-Voice� high-quality audio reproduction
• �Time-Lock� recording control technology
• Light-touch water resistant membrane panel
• Light-weight and portable (shoulder strap included)
• Removable top grid for easy cleaning
• Screw secured battery door for tamper resistant operation
• Rear mounted volume and level controls
• Low battery indicator light
• Optional rechargeable battery available
• Optional carrying cover and/or deluxe carrying case available
• External speaker and record jacks for increased flexibility
• Square picture size of 1.25 in.
• Interchangeable overlays can be easily created with Tech/Overlay Designer
• Available in two colors: black/gray and white/blue
• Record and playback 32 messages per level on a light-touch membrane panel
• 2, 4, 6 or 12 levels for up to 384 independent messages
• Standard message length of 2.25 seconds per message
• Optional extended message length of 4.5 seconds per message available
Shown with optional battery charger

Black on Gray

White on Blue

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