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Orby Switch for Augmentative Communication

Colorful, stable adaptive button switches with audible feedback
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Orby Switch for Augmentative Communication

Orby is a colourful button-style adaptive switch featuring a smooth contoured design that is 6.4cm (2.5-inches) in diameter and less than 2.5cm tall. It utilises the industry standard 3.5-mm headphone jack attached to a 1.5m cable. A simple press anywhere on the top will provide a switch closure with pleasing audible feedback.

Orby is a perfect access switch for emulating alternative mouse buttons, for scanning Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) Devices, for accessing Environmental Control Systems, interacting with simple toys, or controlling any other device that can be navigated with one or more switches.


  • Colorful - Lemon Yellow, Cherry Red, Blue Berry and Green Apple
  • Auditory - clicks with each switch actuation
  • Smooth - switch actuation is quiet and not mechanical sounding
  • Durable - made of high-impact plastic
  • Sensitive - can be activated anywhere on the surface and requires only 3.5 ounces of pressure
  • Adaptable - threaded inserts on bottom for mounting and positioning
  • Stable - includes gripping, high-tack friction pad base to prevent sliding
cross-section of Orby switch

The Orby switch features integral dampers to reduce spurious sounds during actuation; while providing clear and audible feedback of the switch acutation event. Orby uses a tough industrial switch designed for high voltage, and current. (The industrial switch meets many approved standards from UL, CSA, VDE and TUV; however, Orby is not rated by these agencies and is NOT designed for switching high voltage and high current.)

The industrial switch mechanism is rated for 30-million operations at 60 operations per minute. Orby uses a cable designed for a high flex environment that employs a strong PVC jacket and high strand count wire for severe duty.


  • Diameter = 2.5-inches (64-mm)
  • Height = 0.872 (22-mm)
  • Weight = 2.75-ounces (80-grams) with cable and pad
  • Actuation Force = 3.5-ounces (100-grams)
  • Cord Length = 5-feet (1.5-m)
  • Connector Type = 1/8-inch (3.5-mm) right angle headphone jack
  • Threaded Inserts = #6-32, brass
  • Friction Pad = 0.0625-inches (1.6-mm) thick
  • Internal Dampers = high density urethane
  • Voltage = less than 32-volts
  • Current = less than 1-Amp
  • Conductors = rated for severe duty
  • RoHS - compliant
  • RoHS = Reduction of Hazardous Substances. The European Union has implemented a requirement that certain substances above specified levels not be used in electronic devices imported into European Union countries.
Mounting screws and friction pad of Orby switch

Mounting Options

Orby has two #6-32 threaded inserts molded into the base for situations that require fixed mounting. The inserts are separated by 1.1-inches (28-mm) and centered on the switch body. The included friction pad is held in place with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It is shipped loose with Orby.

Mounting screws and friction pad of Orby switch

Package Contents

  • Orby Switch in one of four colors: Lemon Yellow, Cherry Red, Blue Berry or Green Apple
  • Gripper friction pad
  • Instruction card
Orby Switch for Augmentative Communication


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