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Digital versus Analog TTY Connection

TTYs can be used with digital office phones acoustically by placing the telephone handset into the TTY acoustic cups


Does it matter if I use Digital or Analog phone services?

YES, your TTY and telephone system may be seriously damaged if used incorrectly with a digital phone system.

See the following guidelines
for using TTYs with analog or digital telephone equipment.

In General:

TTYs can be used with digital office phones acoustically by placing the telephone handset into the TTY acoustic cups.
TTYs should NOT be plugged directly into a digital telephone network unless:
there is a separate analog line, or
there is an analog port, or
there is an analog converter available
The TTY and/or the digital network can be damaged if the TTY is plugged directly into a digital jack.

At Home:

Most telephone lines coming into homes are analog. TTYs can be plugged into any standard phone jack in your home. If you have a special telephone line for ISDN connections for a computer user, however, do not plug the TTY phone line into this jack. On the other hand, DSL lines (also used for computers) generally include analog frequencies, so it is OK to directly attach a TTY on a DSL line.

It is always safe to use the TTY in acoustic mode by placing the telephone handset into the TTY cups.

At the Office:

Most office telephone systems (as well as hotels and hospitals) use digital telephone lines such as ISDN, PBX or T1 lines. Often, these office telephone systems can also provide an "analog" port or jack connection within the system. Sometimes workstations have two phone jacks, one to connect the office telephone to the digital system and the other for an analog connection. It is possible that one of these jacks may be used to connect a fax machine or modem, which may also use analog connections.

In hotels, an analog phone jack is sometimes provided on the side of a hotel telephone. Individuals use this analog connection to plug in their laptop computers. This same jack can be used to directly connect your TTY. If this analog jack is not available you can still use the TTY acoustically by placing the telephone handset on the cups. Remember that a TTY can only be plugged directly in the telephone jack when it is an analog jack. It is always safe to use the TTY in acoustic mode in places that have a digital phone system.

With Cellular Phones:

Recommended Cellular Phones

Look for cell phone models that list "TTY Mode" in their specifications. Because the cellular phone industry changes phone models and features frequently, the following list is provided as reference only. Please check with your cellular phone provider for the most up-to-date information.

Sony Ericsson Mobile
Model T61D (TDMA)
Model T61Z (GSM)
Model 6340 with HDA-8 TTY adapter (TDMA, GSM)
Model 6360 with HDA-8 TTY adapter (TDMA)
Model 3590 with HDA-9 TTY adapter (GSM)
Model v60i (CDMA, TDMA, GSM)
Model v120e (CDMA)
Model v60e (CDMA)
Model T720 (CDMA, GSM)
Model T280i (GSM)
Model C330 (GSM)
Model C332 (GSM)
Versio model EB-TX320 (TDMA)
Allure model EB-TX310 (TDMA)
Model SH-P300
Model 1135
Model 2345
Model LG
Model LG1010
Model LG4NE1
Model LG5350
Model SPHA310
Model SPHA400
Model SPHA460
Model SPHA500
Model SPHN150
Model SPHN240
Model SPHN400
Model SPHT300
Model SCP4900
Model SCP5300
Model SCP6200
Model SCP6400
PCS Connection Card (Compact Flash)
Motorola MicroTAC Lite XL (built-in 2.5mm jack)
Motorola MicroTAC 650 (built-in 2.5mm jack)
Motorola V3620 (built-in 2.5mm jack)
Motorola STAR TAC 6500 and 3000 (built-in 2.5mm jack)
Motorola Profile Series (built-in 2.5mm jack)
Nokia 282 (built-in 2.5mm jack)
Nokia 918 (with HDXK7 headset kit)
Nokia 252 (with HDXK13 headset kit)
Adiovox MVX-480 (with attachment)

With Cordless Telephones at Home:

Cordless home telephone are now available in digital technology, which gives users clear communication over a greater distance. Digital cordless telephones with headset or hands-free jacks can be used with TTYs that include a 2.5mm audio jack (such as the EZcom Pro/C and the Compact/C).


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