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Specialty Telephones

Texas STAP Equipment List

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Big Button Braille Phone

The Big Button Braille Phone is the perfect phone for those who have difficulty using standard phone keypads. This hands free speakerphone with volume control has raised keys with a Braille keypad and 3 emergency one-touch keys.
Big Button Braille Phone

Clarity® RC200™ Remote Controlled Speakerphone
Gives you “one-touch” access to dialing, answering, & memory scanning from up to 40 feet away

he RC200™ remote control speakerphone, by Clarity®, features a high-fidelity speakerphone, voice activated answering and a wireless remote. With a variety of optional accessories available, the RC200™ is an ideal communications solution for those with limited mobility.
Clarity® RC200™ Remote Controlled Speakerphone




Dialogue JV-35 Large Button Telephone
Jumbo-size buttons that announce each number as it is dialed

The Dialogue JV-35 from Ameriphone makes dialing easy with jumbo-size buttons that announce each number as it is dialed. It announces each number while dialing manually, using the redial button, or from the 10 memory dial buttons. The powerful amplification increases incoming voices up to 37dB.
large button telephone

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Doro HearPlus 313ci Amplified Corded Telephone

The 313ci provides loud and clear handset sound and ring signals with menus and buttons displaying larger texts and numbers

Doro HearPlus 313ci Amplified Corded Telephone image
WB-FDSP Full Duplex Speakerphone
Desktop conference phone that lets  you choose Handset, Speaker, or Headset modes with one button

SoundPoint Pro is the first desktop conference phone that allows you to choose Handset, Speaker, or Headset modes with a push of a single button. Plus, it offers full-duplex conferencing so you can always hear and be heard. With its keypad-activated rear microphone, SoundPoint Pro delivers 360° audio pickup, perfect for conferencing in small groups. The front microphone is optimized for individual use when the rear microphone is inactive.

• Single button allows you to choose mode (handset, speaker, headset)
• Loudspeaker volume adjustable to 75dB peak volume
• Volume control in all modes
• Set up a 3-way conference call (local, plus 2 outside lines) with a single touch of a button
SoundPoint Pro Full Duplex Speakerphone



Geemarc Ampli PHOTO 50 Amplified Memory Dial Picture Phone

The Photo50 has 40 dB amplification, 10 photo memory buttons for fast and easy dialing, a switch to lock in only the speed dial function, and a visual ring indicator

Geemarc Ampli PHOTO 50 Amplified Memory Dial Picture Phone image

Photo Phone P300 Telephone
9 dial buttons with photos

The Photo Phone by Ameriphone features nine photo-dial buttons. Just place a picture of the person on the button you have reserved for their number. The phone amplifies incoming sound up to 10 times the normal volume. Feed-back free design prevents distortion for maximum clarity.
Audex 3288 amplified telephone
Remote Switch Control Speakerphone
Gives you “one-touch” access to dialing, answering, & memory scanning from up to 40 feet away

This wireless Remote Controlled Speakerphone from Ameriphone gives you “one-touch” access to dialing, answering, and memory scanning from up to 40 feet away. Voice activated, it answers calls with the sound of your voice.

• Automatic memory scanning & dialing
• Large keypad buttons
• Voice mail/unanswered call indicator
• Battery backup (included)

Air Switch: control by blowing
Lapel Microphone: enhances weak voice
Headset Microphone: ensures privacy
Bump Switch: control with light tap
Pillow Switch: control with body movement
Audex 3288 amplified telephone
Air Switch
Bump Switch
Pillow Switch
WB-DXL25s Speech Amplified Telephone
Amplifies your outgoing voice (up to 18dB) so the other party can hear you better

The Dialogue XL-25s from Ameriphone amplifies your outgoing voice (up to 18dB) so the other party can hear you better. The phone conveniently resets the outgoing amplifier when you hang up, and returns to the amplifier setting with just a push of a button.

• Increases volume of outgoing voice up to 18dB
• Hearing aid compatible handset
• Large, easy-to-see buttons
• 12 memory speed dial buttons
• 3.5 mm audio jack
• Amplifies incoming voice up to 12dB
Audex 3288 amplified telephone
WB-WSTELETLK Williams Sound Teletalker®
Enhances & amplifies in coming calls without feedback

The Teletalker phone by Williams Sound is uniquely designed to amplify incoming calls and enhance speech sounds so you can clearly understand your phone conversations. And it’s as easy as using a conventional phone. To enhance or amplify a call without feedback, just press the amplify button. When you hang up, the Teletalker automatically returns to normal operation protecting others from loud sounds.

• Simple, easy to use
• Improves speech understanding
• Amplifies sound without feedback
• Hearing aid compatible
• Maximum acoustic gain: 55dB
• 5-year warranty
Williams Sound Teletalker

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