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Sonic Alert Remote Receivers

Any lamp plugged it into a remote receiver can alert you

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How signaling systems work

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Sonic Alert Remote Receivers

Any lamp in your home can alert you if you plug it into a Remote Receiver. These Remote Receivers pick up signals from the transmitting signalers (door, telephone, baby, etc.) and flash lights accordingly. The Remote Horn will alert you by sounding a loud (78-85 dB), low frequency horn.

� May be moved from room to room
� You can use as many receivers as you need

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Sonic Blink

The Sonic Blink, model BL 300 is the latest compact receiver and features a built-in, high intensity strobe light for signaling. The strobe light projects 360 degrees when flashing to eliminate blind spots. The Sonic Blink is perfect for places where a lamp is normally not used, such as in bathrooms, dining rooms and hallways. It can even be placed behind objects such as furniture.

� No lamp or light needed
� No cords
� Flashes 20 times per second
� Easy to use � just plug it in

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Sonic Alert Sonic Boom SB300ss Large Display Alarm Clock - one alarm setting - with Bed Shaker

The Sonic Boom SBR350ss has been designed as a cost effective full featured bedside alarm clock with an extra large (1.8�) easy to read display, bed shaker and exclusive AM/FM Radio�

� Complete with a hi/low dimmer switch to sleep better at night.
� Packaged with our newest most powerful 12 volt bed shaker.
� Complete with AM/FM radio.
� Battery backup to maintain the proper time in the event of a power outage.
� Complete with a loud 113db adjustable tone.
sonic boom alarm clock
w Vibrator

Sonic Informer

The newly redesigned Sonic Informer, model SA 101 will alert you by flashing any attached lamp. The lamp plugged into the SA 101 can only be used for signaling. It is ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere an extra lamp is not needed for lighting. There is also an indicator light to remind you to turn on the attached lamp. A Super Shaker SS 120V bed vibrator can also be plugged into the SA 101.

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Sonic Link

The Sonic Link, model SA 201 with its sleek, modern case will alert you by flashing any lamp that is plugged into its Pluglet (Plug-outlet). The Pluglet allows you to keep your table uncluttered by unsightly lamp cords. The signaling lamp can also be used for normal room lighting by using the lamp on/off switch. There is also an indicator light to remind you to turn on the attached lamp.
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Remote Horn

The Remote Horn, model RH 100 adjustable remote horn will alert you by sounding an adjustable tone and volume control, which allows you to select the most effective audio alert sound combination. From a loud 78-85 decibel low frequency to a high 113 decibels. The adjustable tone ranges from 200-2,000 Hertz.
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