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Coin Abacus

Makes counting various combinations of coins and dollar bills simple
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PC-1018 Batteries included. Size: 11 x 9 x 21/2 inches.

This talking learning tool is a great way to teach basic money skills. Students use their fingers to slide coins left to add and right to subtract. Money totals are displayed on an LCD screen. Preprogrammed activities have students move money to match specific amounts, like $3.65. Features volume control, headphone jack and a mute button.

The new Coin Abacus makes counting various combinations of coins and dollar bills simple for students of all ages. Conceived and designed by Larry Felder, this fun, electronic teaching tool is a perfect way to help students of varying educational abilities master the challenging task of counting money. Students will love to experiment with different coin combinations in order to reach the target amounts on the LCD screen. The innovative Coin Abacus provides students with a fun, "hands-on" way to master money counting. Whether you purchase the Coin Abacus for your home or classroom, it is the perfect way to meet the challenge of teaching students to count money.

How It Works
The Coin Abacus makes the money-counting process easy because students see the coins and dollar bills as they count. Students use their fingers to slide the realistic coins and bills from left to right. When each coin or bill reaches the right side, the Coin Abacus displays the new total on the easy-to-read LCD screen on the right. When a coin or bill is moved back to the left, the amount is subtracted from the total. Students see how different coin combinations can equal the same amount of money.

How It Motivates Students
The Coin Abacus features two games which teach coin counting. The games challenge students to use the right combinations of coins to reach a target amount. The first game shows a random target amount on one LCD screen, and as students move the coins or bills, the total amount of money is displayed on the other LCD screen. The second game does not show students the sum of the coins or bills moved, making this game slightly more challenging.

The Coin Abacus has a variety of fun sounds, voice prompts, and verbal rewards. It also has a volume control and headphone jack. Batteries are included, and there is an energy-saving, automatic shutoff feature. An easy-to-follow booklet gives complete instructions.

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Coin Abacus

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