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Trading Up

Students practice in recognizing, identifying, counting, & exchanging varying coin combinations
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How the Game Works
Starting the game with 20 cents each, players select draw cards to determine how much money they will receive or give away. Many of the cards result in money exchanges between players. When a player draws a Money Card, he or she asks another player for the coin combination shown on the card. If a Money Card shows four pennies on it, the player can turn to any other player and ask, 'Do you have four pennies?' If the other player has the requested coins, he or she must give them to the first player. If the second player does not have four pennies, the first player asks, 'Can you make change?' If the second player has any coins of a higher value, such as a nickel, a dime, or a quarter, he or she must ask for change from the banker and pay the money owed.

Trading Up
Before completing their turns, players can 'trade up' with the banker. They can exchange several coins of a lower value for a coin of a higher value, for example, trading two nickels for one dime. The first player to collect four quarters by 'trading up' wins.

Draw Cards
The 70 draw cards include Money Cards, Fun Cards, and Free Pass Cards. Free Pass Cards can be used by players to turn down a request from another player for money. The variety of draw cards adds a twist of fun and unpredictability each time the game is played.

125 realistic Coins, 70 Draw Cards, a full-color Game Board with four coin exchange charts on it, a plastic Tray that holds the Draw Cards, and a Teacher's Guide.

Trading Up

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