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Talk It Up Bingo

Focus on eight different ways to describe an object
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PC-1303 Talk It Up Bingo

Talk It Up! Bingo, by Rosie Simms, helps students focus on eight different ways to describe an object. Featuring 150 everyday objects, the game promotes vocabulary development using key questions such as 'What can you do with it?" and 'What goes with it?" Playing this unique bingo game helps students improve their communication skills as they identify and explain the uses of common objects.

Five Basic Categories
Each full-color bingo board features 25 objects, including five objects from each of these categories:
• Clothing and Grooming
• Food
• Household
• School
• Community

How Game Works
Talk It Up! Bingo combines aspects of a board game and a bingo game. Players take turns drawing category cards that have easily identifiable picture icons. Once a category is selected, a player looks at his or her bingo board and chooses an object in the given category. The player then spins for a question about that object. If the player answers correctly, he or she places a chip over the object's picture. Play continues until a player 'Bingos.'

Two Levels of Play
Two spinners are provided for different levels of play. The Level 1 spinner includes simple questions, such as "What color is it?" and 'What parts does it have?' The Level 2 spinner presents higher-level thinking questions, such as 'Where would you find it?' and 'What do you like about it?'

Game Includes
6 Bingo Boards, 24 Draw Cards, 2 Spinners, 175 Bingo Chips, and a Teacher's Guide with instructions, suggested answers, and reproducible take-home study pages.

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