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Banking Math Print and Software Set

Realistic scenarios integrate secondary school students basic math & financial responsibility
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Banking Math Binder and Software Set uses realistic math scenarios to teach middle and high school students basic math concepts and financial responsibility. These are great tools to help struggling math learners and students with learning differences.

Banking Math Binder

Written for students who struggle with word problems, the 100 one-paragraph banking math stories are both interesting and easy to read. Lesson plans introduce students to the banking process using motivating activities. The first 20 stories are presented in two levels. In Level 1, the equations are provided. In Level 2, the students have to determine which math operation to use. Easy-to-follow math activities prepare students for word problems on state and national standardized math tests.

After carefully reading each low-level, high-interest banking story, students are asked to do the following:

• draw a line through unnecessary information
• highlight essential information
• show computations in the “Do the Math” space
• perform a banking transaction
• record the transaction on the check register page

Age-Appropriate Topics
The first 60 stories cover scenarios that middle and high school students might experience in their everyday lives. On the last worksheet of this section, the students ''graduate'' from high school. 40 additional stories cover banking scenarios that typically occur after graduation.

Banking Stories 1-20 (Level 1)
The math equation for each of the 20 stories is provided on the worksheet for the students to calculate. After working the math, students perform the needed banking transaction.

Banking Stories 1-20 (Level 2)
Using the same stories as Level 1, students now have to decide which math operation to use (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division), show their math, and perform the banking transactions.

Banking Stories (21-60)
40 new word problem stories are introduced. Students have to decide which math operation to use, show their math, and perform the banking transactions.

Banking Stories (61-100)
40 new word problem stories are presented for the students to complete, but the scenarios now focus on the students’ lives after high school.

Additional realistic check registers (set of 10) can be purchased separately.

Banking Math Software

The software program uses everyday events to teach middle and high school students basic math concepts and banking skills. One hundred stories walk the students through realistic events such as receiving a paycheck and going to the movies.

Students use math strategies to solve the problem and then complete a banking transaction. Two levels of play make the program appropriate for students of varying ability levels. Instructional help is available for students as needed. The narrator also reinforces concepts, such as how to set up a math problem, when students make mistakes.

Students complete an eight-step process to solve each word problem, including:

• following along as the narrator reads the word problem
• marking out unnecessary information
• highlighting important information
• choosing the correct math operation
• setting up the math problem
• solving the math problem
• completing the banking transaction
• recording the transaction in a check register

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Mac OS 9/OS X/Mac-Intel

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Banking Math Print and Software Set

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