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TouchMoney Game, Worksheets, & BigCoin Activities

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Game & Worksheets

Game & Activities

Worksheets & Activities

Game, Worksheets, & Activities

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TouchMoney Game, Worksheets, & BigCoin Activities

Revised and updated, TouchMoney, formerly Edmark's, by Cathy Haugen Faucher, uses a proven kinesthetic approach to make learning to count coins quick and easy. Based on the idea that all coins except pennies can be counted using 5's, this step-by-step process helps students of all ages experience success with this essential life skill. New features include expanded lesson plans, over 50 additional reproducible worksheets, new activity ideas and games, demonstration coins, and assessments. Bundled with TouchMoney Software in the TouchMoney Kit.

The TouchMoney Game, by Cathy Haugen Faucher, complements the popular TouchMoney Worksheets (sold separately and as part of a discount set) and the new TouchMoney Big Coin Activities (sold separately and as part of a discount set). Students practice finding the total values of various groups of coins shown on draw cards (with TouchPoints) and realistic coins (without TouchPoints) drawn from the money tray in the center of the game board. Players TouchCount no more than six coins at a time. Total values do not exceed $1.00. This visually appealing, �hands-on� game is perfect for students who have at least a basic understanding of the TouchMoney method.

Game Play
Each player rolls a game die and moves the indicated number of spaces. Then, the player either draws a card or rolls a die to determine the number of realistic coins to count. If the player draws a card, he or she will find the value of the group of coins shown by TouchCounting the TouchPoints on the coins. If the player rolls a die, he or she will draw the given number of realistic coins from the money tray. The player will then visualize the TouchPoints on the coins and will TouchCount to find the total value.

2 Levels
Students who are just beginning to learn how to TouchCount should use the 1, 2, 3 game die so that they will count no more than three realistic coins at a time. Students who have a solid understanding of the method can use the standard game die, TouchCounting up to six realistic coins at a time.

A Game Board with colorful icons to assist nonreaders; a Teacher's Guide; 100 plastic Realistic Coins (25 pennies, 25 nickels, 25 dimes, and 25 quarters); a plastic Money Tray; 60 Draw Cards; a Standard Game Die; a 1, 2, 3 Game Die; and Playing Pieces.


How It Works
Students learn to count "TouchPoints" on nickels, dimes, and quarters to determine the value of the coins. Each TouchPoint equals 5 cents. Pennies are "TouchCounted" last since they are worth 1 cent each.

TouchCounting's 6 Step Process:
1 Learning to count by 1''s and 5''s and to recognize money symbols.
2 Identifying each type of coin and its value.
3 Learning the location of TouchPoints on each type of coin.
4 TouchCounting coins using marked TouchPoints.
5 TouchCounting coins without the TouchPoints drawn on the coins.
6 TouchCount Shopping: TouchCounting coins to "buy" various "real-life" items.

Activities & Games
After students learn each step, they complete numerous practice activities for reinforcement. Each lesson includes reproducible activity sheets and extension activities. A Money Games section is provided at the end of the binder for additional "hands-on" TouchCounting practice.

Over 150 reproducible Activity Sheets, punch-out Demonstration Coins with and without TouchPoints, a zippered Storage Bag for demonstration coins, Lesson Plans, Assessments, and Answer Keys.


TouchMoney Big Coin Activities, by Cathy Haugen Faucher, is an excellent complement to the TouchMoney Worksheets (sold separately) and TouchMoney Game (sold separately). Students use the 28 large Punch-Out �Big Coins� (included) to complete the activities. �Big Coins� with and without TouchPoints are provided for the nickel, dime, and quarter. Since pennies are not counted using TouchPoints, only one set of pennies is included. The 16-page Teacher's Guide provides a multitude of extension activities, game ideas, and reproducibles for teaching and reinforcing each of the six steps of the TouchMoney process.

Product Type: Manipulatives & Activities
ISBN: 1-58804-340-1
Code: PC-1723
Author: Cathy Haugen Faucher
Copyright: 2004
Age-Appropriate For: Elementary and Secondary
Reproducible: Includes reproducibles.
Number of Pages: Teacher's Guide: 16 pages
Teacher's Guide: yes
Components: 28 large Punch-Out �Big Coins� and a Teacher's Guide with extension activities

An excellent complement to the TouchMoney Worksheets (sold separately) and TouchMoney Game (sold separately).

Expand students' TouchMoney activities with these additional 42 large Punch-Out �Big Coins." Coins come with and without TouchPoints, which are provided for the nickel, dime, and quarter. Pennies do not have have TouchPoints.

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touch money game, worksheets, and big coin activities
Single Items
Big Coins Set

Game & Worksheets
Game & Activities
Worksheets &

Game, Worksheets, & Activities

TouchMoney Kit

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