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Time Clock Program - Standard

Time Clock Program prepares students for employment
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Realistic Time Clock program help individuals learn important workplace skills: punctuality, clocking in and out when arriving and leaving, and time management. The program incorporates social skills, transition skills, and self-esteem into the curriculum, particularly for students at different ability levels. The Time Clock Program helps students apply their academic learning to situations and problems that they will face and need to deal with to live and work independently.

The Standard Time Clock Program manual stamping provides accurate records.

Components Included in Program

  • Standard Time Clock, Model 125: With this model, students insert their time cards in the front slot and press the button on top of the machine to mark the time printed on the card
  • Time Card Rack
  • Time Clock Time Cards - Standard 1000 each (also available separately)
  • Work Boxes Activity Book (described below, also available separately).

Work Boxes Activity Book

The Work Boxes Activity Book contains functional, classroom-tested activities designed for secondary students with developmental disabilities. The overall purpose of this educational program is to help students master the skills and self-confidence they need for successful transition into the community.

Pre-Vocational Skills Covered

  • Attention to detail
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Promptness
  • Perseverance
  • Familiarity with common objects
  • Care of materials
  • Personal responsibility

Tasks in the Book

Work Boxes Activity Book is filled with reproducible activities that cover 20 timed, "real-world" tasks. Each task has three levels of difficulty. Assignments include sorting, counting, packaging, measuring, bundling, matching, alphabetizing, copying, filing, wrapping, and assembling. Reproducible activity sheets provide directions for completing each task, with a space for the date, worker's name, starting time, ending time, and total time worked.

Designed with Teachers in Mind

Work Boxes Activity Book contains a list of Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) objectives, from which teachers can select appropriate objectives for each student and each activity.

A literature review and reference list is included at the back of the book. This information, which relates Work Boxes to literature in the field, may be useful to teachers who wish to learn more about the concepts included in the work box activities. Progress charts and student checklists are included.

PCI#: 953

Time Clock Program - Standard Time Clock Program - Standard

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