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Explore World History

EWH is a comprehensive social studies curriculum for high school students
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AC-EWH10 The

Student Book

has 15 chapters divided into 3 types: Keys to History, Historical Eras, and Historical Themes. Key chapters feature World Geography, Study Tools, and Biographies. The 6 Era chapters follow a chronology from Early Humans to Modern Times. Theme chapters focus on major historical concepts, like Agriculture or Trade, and are linked to a particular era.

Chapter format

Introduction, Vocabulary, Big Idea, Important Topics, Review, and Write About It. The simplified text is heavily illustrated and intended to be read to students who are nonreaders. Students are frequently presented with important study tools like timelines, maps, and tables.

The Instructor's Guide

presents a sequence of one hundred 45-minute lessons by integrating the use of the Student Book, Reference Booklets, and video clips. Three Student Book pages are typically covered per lesson. The Guide provides PDFs on disc of all the student materials plus chapter and unit assessments at two different levels.

The three laminated Reference Booklets

provide a large format for students to study important timelines, maps, graphs and tables.

The World Historical Videos,

provided on DVD plus online streaming access, are short clips focusing on big topics like Making Stone Tools and the Rise of Agriculture.

Explore World History Chapters

  • Study Tools
  • World Geography
  • Early Humans
  • Agriculture
  • First Civilizations
  • Writing
  • Classic Empires
  • Trade
  • Middle Ages
  • Religion
  • Early Modern Period
  • Science and Technology
  • Modern Times
  • Wars and Revolutions
  • Biographies

Introductory Kit Contents

  • Student Book
  • Instructor’s Guide with PDF
  • World Historical Videos DVD
  • 1 set of Reference Booklets

Classroom Kit Contents

  • 8 Student Book
  • Instructor’s Guide with PDF
  • World Historical Videos DVD
  • 2 sets of Reference Booklets
Explore World History

Components of Earth and Space Science Classroom Kit
(with Print or CD/Digital Teacher Guide/Binder)
Available for Individual Purchase

Teacher's Guide
  • CD/Digital Teacher's Guide, 20204, $0.00
  • Print Teacher's Guide, 20206, $0.00

Add On Items

The following are only available
with Purchase of Earth and Space Science Classroom Kit
(with Print or CD/Digital Teacher Guide)

Student Activity Journal
  • Student Activity Journal, 20207, $0.00
Student Text
  • Student Text, 20205, $0.00
Transparency Pack
  • Transparency Pack (10), 20208, $0.00

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