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IEP Print Materials

Information on IEP, academic standards, functional assessments, & meetings and inclusion tips
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Aligning IEPs to Academic Standards

For students with moderate to severe disabilities

With increased emphasis on students meeting state academic standards, instructors of students with moderate and severe disabilities have wondered about their role. Will they continue to integrate their students in the regular classrooms and in the general curriculum? Or will their participation in alternate assessments aligned to alternate achievement standards leave them stranded in self-contained classrooms once again?
Aligning IEPs to Academic Standards Book Photo

Better IEP Meetings

Foster positive communication with families and other IEP team members and ensure FAPE provisions

Regular IEP Meetings can provide reassurance for everyone involved, or they can cause negative feelings and cause participants to lose confidence in the IEP process. In their new book, Drs. Cynthia Herr and Barbara Bateman carefully consider how to make your IEP team meetings better.

The 3 stage framework

  1. Preparing for the meeting
  2. Conducting the meeting and developing a legal and educationally sound IEP
  3. Ensuring the provisions required by FAPE are implemented after the meeting

A great book to help you foster positive communication with families and other IEP team members.

Softbound, 124 pp, 2005.

image of Better IEP Meetings


Better IEPs

A guide to legal understanding of IEP meetings

A newly revised and enhanced edition of the ultimate guide to understanding IEPs from a legal standpoint, complete with IDEA 2004 updates. A classic in its field, Better IEPs presents a focused, 3-step process that zooms in on the individual student and dismisses out of hand the one-size-fits-all approach that is too often mistaken for proper procedure in today's schools. Written by Dr. Barbara Bateman, an attorney and professor emeritus and the number one expert on IEP law in the nation, and coauthored by Mary Anne Linden.

Softbound book, 276 pp, updated 2006.

image of better ieps book





Building Electronic Portfolios

Teach students to get involved in their own IEPs

Students today are being encouraged by IDEA updates to get involved in their own IEPs. Here's a simple way to teach them how to make their own electronic portfolios so they can achieve that goal in impressive fashion.

Students learn to create attractive presentation software slides about their work experiences, skills, interests and accomplishments to show at IEP meetings, to classmates or prospective employers. Authored by Professor Susan J. Glor-Scheib of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


  • Covered spiral bound book, 90 pp 2006
  • Win/Mac CD with printable PDF.
    ISBN 1-57861-588-7
Building Electronic Portfolios cover

From Gobbledygook to Clearly Written Annual Goals

Writing clear, measurable annual IEP goals is a difficult skill to master. The good news is that goal writing is easy once the steps are revealed. In her latest book, Dr. Barbara Bateman takes actual goals, which were poorly written and turns them into productive ones. You learn to simplify the process by focusing on just four ideas: Observable behavior, measurable criteria, a given or condition for success and a final test.

Soft bound book, 140 pp, 2006. ISBN 1-58761-591-7

image of iep inclusion tips

Functional Assessments for the IEP

In this thoroughly researched collection of assessment tools, Dr David Feldman outlines how functional skills can be integrated into each student's IEP. Content is divided into these areas: IEP development, curriculum design, and skill-based instruction. Over50 reproducible assessment tools are provided with completed examples for staff reference. Includes practical tools like: IEP Meeting Worksheet. Basic Skill Templates for Literacy, Math, Safety Skills, and Home Family Interviews- all linked to the IEP.


Includes a Win/Mac CD with printable PDF. Spiral bound, 212 pp, 2003.
Functional Assessments for the IEP



IEP and Inclusions Tips for Parents and Teachers

This book features 127 helpful tips focusing on IEP and inclusion processes. Written from the parent perspective, coauthors Anne Eason, an inclusion attorney, and Kathleen Whitbread, an associate professor, look at inclusion research and practice that help students succeed in and out of school.

Includes chapters on: Getting prepared for IEP meetings, creating legally correct and educationally sound IEPs, ensuring access to the general curriculum; tracking IEP progress and forming effective family/school partnerships. A great way to get parents, teachers and administrators to have shared goals. Available as Master and Handout versions plus a Package with one Master and 10 Handouts.

Master/Handout Concept

Master version

  • Provides distribution rights (photocopies, email, PDF printouts, and web posting)
  • Includes spiral bound book (8 1/2 x 11 in, 78 pp, 2006) and PDF on Win/Mac CD

Handout version

  • Inexpensive and ready to give to those who benefit: parents and teachers
  • Includes soft bound book (6 1/2 x 9 in, 78 pp, 2006)

Package version

  • Includes one Master version and 10 Handout versions
image of iep inclusion tips

Implementing Ongoing Transition Plans for the IEP

A student-driven approach to fulfill IDEA mandates

This unique and exciting text uses a student-driven approach to fulfill IDEA mandates. Pat McPartland, a special educator with twenty years classroom experience, presents a concise yet comprehensive program for graduation-track special education students. It focuses on the seven areas mandated by IDEA: Functional assessment, daily living skills, post-school adult living, employment, community experiences, related services and instruction. Each area has a sequence of skills and behaviors written as objectives that teachers, parents and students review for inclusion in the IEP. A ready-to-go, yet easy to personalize pre-IEP assessment starts the process. A gem of a book for any secondary special education teacher or administrator. Spiral bound, 132 pp, 2004.
Implementing Ongoing Transition Plans for the IEP Book Photo


Organizing your IEPs

Format for scheduling and implementing IEPs for all staff

As instructors you have become increasingly swamped with IEP-related paperwork in recent years, often putting you in the awkward situation of not having adequate time to do what you were hired to do, TEACH to the student's IEP. Author Shelley Peterman Schwarz and professional office organizer Nancy McKinney have collaborated on a book that will help you take back control of the IEP organizational process and will allow you to spend your primary time actually teaching to student IEPs. It includes sections on organizing your paperwork, collecting data, tracking annual IEPs and three-year reevaluations, and organizing an electronic file system.

Includes a Win/Mac CD with a printable PDF that contains all the reproducibles in the book. Softbound, 98 pgs., 2005.

Organizing your IEPs Book Photo

Test Anxiety: A Practical Guide

For all staff involved in the IEP process to reduce student stress on test performances while raising success rates. Address test anxiety in a practical way that will result in happier students with higher test scores.

Higher standards and greater accountability have brought an alarming rise in test anxiety, which for some students can lead to a sense of dread and result in poor test performances. To help students prepare and pass mandated assessments, you must drill them on facts and give endless practice tests. But just teaching to the test itself isn't enough. When preparing your students for high stakes testing you need to help ready them emotionally as well as academically, because for them these are truly stressful events. That's what Test Anxiety does. It offers constructive, proven strategies which identify root causes of test anxiety, reduce physical and emotional symptoms, and increase student concentration and attention.
image of text anxiety

Why Johnny Doesn't Behave

Write better behavior intervention plans


20 Tips:

Manage student conduct by teaching replacement behaviors for inappropriate ones. All staff K-12.
Focus on 20 tips to help you avoid behavioral problems, including: Clear class-room expectations; directly teaching expectations; minimizing attention for minor inappropriate behaviors and attending to behavior you want to encourage.

FBAs and BIPs

The second section is dedicated to Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIPs), beginning with an explanation of each and ending with sample FBAs and BIPs so you can learn to write your own. Authors Drs. Barbara Bateman and Annemieke Golly. Softbound, 122 pp, 2003

Why Johnny Doesn�t Behave Book Photo


Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives

A guide to quick, effective writing accurate, measurable IEP goals

A guide to quick and effective writing of accurate and measurable IEP goals and objectives. Many special educators view IEPs as burdensome, but IEPs are necessary, required by law and when done properly can be extremely helpful in guiding the student's educational trajectory. The art and science of writing truly measurable goals and objectives can be mastered so they are easy to compose, aren't time consuming and can be grasped by all appropriate staff and parents as well. By two leading special educators and IEP legal experts, Drs. Barbara Bateman and Cynthia Herr.

Softbound, 136 pp, 2003

Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives Book Photo

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