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Let's Talk About Life Skills - Binder 2

Covers health, household, money, recreation, safety, social, survival, and time
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The easy-to-use binder featuring 800 Questions and Answers and 800 Practice Activities provides teachers and counselors with high-interest subjects that are simple enough for students of all ages to understand, yet challenging enough to inspire lively discussion of the various life skills.

This comprehensive and well-organized manual offers a convenient and flexible way to conduct life skills instruction in a group discussion format. It is ideal for use with all size groups in a home or work setting, an entire classroom, or for one-on-one counseling sessions. The fast-paced group format allows participants to express their feelings on a wide ranging variety of subjects and also to learn more about their peers. This in turn teaches the most important life skill of all: the social skill of getting along with and showing respect for the feelings and opinions of others. A special section entitled "How to Get Started" gives educators step-by-step instructions and tips on getting the most out of the materials enclosed.

Topics Covered:


Focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Life skill topics include: medicine safety, going to the doctor or hospital, headaches, minor illnesses, blood tests, emotional health, the importance of getting enough sleep, the benefits of exercise, and more.


Focuses on learning how to clean and care for all areas of the home. Skill topics include: doing your fair share of household cleaning duties, using a dishwasher, using a washing machine and clothes dryer, safe storage of cleaning chemicals, disposing of trash, yard work safety, taking care of pets, keeping a neat garage, and more.


Focuses on learning what to do in "real-life" money management situations. Skill topics include: monetary value of coins, making and trying to stay within a budget, opening a checking and savings account, importance of keeping receipts, honesty regarding money issues, using a calculator when shopping, avoiding impulse buying, and more.


Focuses on exploring new leisure time pursuits. Skill topics include: games to play at a park, going bowling, listening to music, working puzzles, playing video games, gardening, using a camera, packing a bag for a trip, having fun with pets, keeping a photo album, going dancing, riding a bicycle, and more.


Focuses on teaching how to be careful in all areas of life. Skill topics include: procedure to follow if lost, possible dangers of strangers, using electrical appliances, weather-related safety issues, importance of wearing a seat belt, how to protect your back, what to do in case of fire, sports-related safety, ways to avoid choking, and more.


Focuses on the socialization skills needed to get along with others. Skill topics include: respecting the privacy of others, appropriate social greetings, how to handle anger, being a good sport, getting along with roommate, apologizing when needed, being a good neighbor, and more.


Focuses on recognizing important vocabulary words and images needed to function in various settings. Skill topics include: poison symbol, prescription medicine instruction and warning labels, railroad crossing signs and warning alarms, business hour sign, wheelchair accessibility sign, restroom signs, distinguishing personal mail from group mail, when to call 911, recognizing signs such as "Out of Order" and "Beware of Dog," and more.

Special Features

This category includes a packet of numbered photos for participants to look at as the corresponding direction is read aloud.


Focuses on learning functional time management skills. Life skill topics: include setting a watch, concept of "early" and "late," when to take medicine, being on time, giving a two week notice, using a bus schedule, when to complete duties, and more.

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Let's Talk About Life Skills - Binder 2

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