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Getting Along with People

Teach acceptable social skills at school, work, and home
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Developed by Janie Haugen-McLane, this complete series of Readers and Workbooks feature adolescent and young adult characters successfully handling various social skills situations.

There are three separate Readers - one for School, Work, and Home - that contain 25 easy-to-read stories and a total of 75 reproducible worksheets. All three Readers, Workbooks, Instructions, and Answer Keys come in a sturdy, three-ring binder. The program can be used with one person, a small group, or a classroom in public schools, residential centers, work activity centers, workplace life skills classes, rehabilitation classes, and other social skills learning environments. Additional sets of the Readers may be ordered separately.

The Getting Along with People series was developed to give educators a "hands-on" tool to help them teach acceptable social skills at school, work, and home. Even negative behaviors-some of which may be displayed by the participants-can be discussed in a non-threatening and enjoyable environment.

The black and white illustrations serve as a visual teaching tool for people who can read and those with limited reading skills. The illustrations are so detailed that many participants will be able to describe the scenes even if they have no reading skills.

Each short story in the Reader is two pages and has large print for ease of reading. On the first page of each story, participants are presented with a "social situation" and asked to read and discuss the scene. On the second page, a positive solution to the situation is presented as an acceptable way to handle the issue. After reading each story, participants are given a Workbook sheet that shows both common positive and negative responses to the situations portrayed.


Getting Along with People at Work

This Reader and Workbook visually relate 25 social situations that individuals might encounter in a workplace setting, such as following workplace rules, acting appropriately during work ride, appropriate social greetings, visiting with co-workers, working with substitute supervisor, continuing to work when supervisor leaves work area, and more. Participants are introduced to the Reader's characters by the use of cameo pictures that give each character's first name. The main characters and their co-workers act out social scenes while they are performing actual job duties. The book helps middle and high school students who are in job training programs or who have jobs in the community to learn to handle work social situations in an acceptable manner.

Getting Along with People at School

This Reader and Workbook visually relate 25 social situations students might encounter in a school setting, such as appropriate behavior on rides to and from school, following school rules, talking in a nice way to classmates and teachers, not visiting during class, acceptable social greetings, and more. Cameo pictures introduce the student to the characters in the stories. The main characters and their classmates act out social scenes as they go through a typical school day. The book helps students from elementary to high school level learn to handle school social situations in an acceptable manner. The "real-life" social scenes help prepare elementary students for the transition to a more independent middle school environment. All of the scenes deal with common social situations that students are now facing and teach them acceptable social behaviors.

Getting Along with People at Home.

This Reader and Workbook visually relate 25 social situations individuals might encounter in a home setting, such as leaving people alone who are mad; knocking on closed bathroom doors; not acting bossy to roommate; treating everyone in a nice way; taking a bath every day; and more. The book's setting is a home where six people, not related to each other, live in a community neighborhood. The social situations are equally effective for teaching individuals who live with family members. The book helps teens and adults who live in semi-independent residential settings with one or more peers learn to handle home situations in an acceptable manner. The situations are also appropriate for school-age students living at home, and whose future plans include moving to a semi-independent living setting.


  • Product Type: Binder
  • Author: Janie Haugen-McLane
  • Number of Pages: 56 pages, each reader
  • Components: 3 Readers, 3 Workbooks, 3 Answer Keys
  • Reproducible: Yes
  • Reading Level: Limited or None
  • Age Appropriate Level: Elementary, Secondary, Adult
  • Copyright: 1996

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Getting Along with People

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