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Time Families Worksheets

Engaging practice in reading analog and digital time to the hour, quarter hour, and half hour
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The Time Families Worksheets binder is full of fun and engaging worksheets giving students practice in reading time to the hour, quarter hour, and half hour in both an analog and digital format.

Following the same teaching method as Time Families Games, the worksheets focus on the basic elements of time. They depict a different time-telling group, as symbolized by a memorable "family" concept. This intriguing technique helps students learn to associate the name of basic time elements with the way each "family" points: the O''Clock Family always point Up, the Fifteen Family always points Right, the Thirty Family always points Down, and the Forty-Five Family always points Left.


The 96 reproducible worksheets are contained in a sturdy, three-ring binder and are tabbed into the four families as described above, along with detailed teacher instructions and Answer Key. Before using each type of worksheet, students learn about the time family using the reproducible Family Album sheets which depict each family and its corresponding slogan. The worksheets are arranged by level of difficulty making the program an effective teaching tool for students with varying levels of time concept knowledge. Each section is divided into the following three formats.

Match the Clocks

In Level 1, students draw a line from clocks with shaded faces to the exact match on the right side of the page. After successfully matching all of the times, students move to Level 2 worksheets. In Level 2, students draw a line from clocks with shaded faces to traditional clock faces that are not shaded.

Write the Time

In Level 1, students write the digital time under each shaded clock face. After successfully writing in the times, students move to Level 2 worksheets. In Level 2, students write the digital times under traditional clocks that are not shaded.

Draw the Hands

In Level 1, students draw both the minute and hour hands on shaded clock faces. After successfully drawing in the correct clock hands, students move to Level 2 worksheets. In Level 2, students draw both hands on the clocks on traditional clock faces that are not shaded. Like in PCI''s Times Families Games, the clock faces of the four families are shaded to represent the appropriate number of minutes. The area outlined with dotted lines on the Fifteen, Thirty, and Forty-Five Families represents the indicated hour (e.g., 1:15 has dotted lines between the 1 and 2) to show "the hour of 1." This adaptive teaching method helps students learn to tell time when the hour hand is between two numbers.

Special Features

The Progress Chart is a reproducible sheet that tracks students'' progress. Use the angled spaces under "Progress Dates" to write the day the worksheets were completed. When a student can complete a worksheet without difficulty, put a check mark in the corresponding space. If a student needs assistance, put an X in the space.

Time Families Worksheets

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