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Georgia Academic Support Program for Mathematics, Grade 8

Up to 100 hours of Georgia Performance Standards-based practice in grade 8 mathematics
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Developed in partnership with Cobb County, it's a complete teacher toolkit for preparing students for the critical mathematics tested by the CRCT.

Tightly aligned to Georgia Performance Standards, Georgia Academic Support Program Comprehensive Mathematics, Grade 8 includes more than 100 hours of instruction. The entire program is attractively packaged in a sturdy 3-ring binder, with every lesson completely reproducible.

The results are in! According to Glenda Huff, Mathematics Coach in Clarke County School District, "The 8th grade teachers loved the resource. The planning time was cut in half for a summer program that was packed with content. There was a 12.8% increase in test scores after using this program."

What makes Georgia Academic Support Program Comprehensive Mathematics, Grade 8 unique and necessary? It gives Georgia mathematics teachers the tools they need to address increasingly diverse classrooms. A variety of instructional models means that students with diverse backgrounds and abilities will be able to master essential mathematics concepts.

Each unit includes warm-up activities; direct instruction; practice; station activities; and multiple choice practice. In addition to standards correlations, graphic organizers, and assessments, the program covers:

� Square Roots, Rational vs. Irrational Numbers
� Computation of Square Roots and Rationalizing the Denominator
� Integer Exponents, Scientific Notation, and the Pythagorean Theorem
� Simplify Expressions, Solve One- and Two-Step Equations, Solve Multivariable Equations
� Equations with Variables on Both Sides of the Equation and Absolute Value Equations
� One-Variable Inequalities
� Relation vs. Function and Linear vs. Nonlinear
� Slope and Slope-Intercept Form
� Arithmetic Sequences and Slope-Intercept Form
� Standard Form of Linear Equations, Scatter Plots, and Lines of Best Fit
� Systems of Equations
� Graphing Linear Equations on the Coordinate Plane and Systems of Inequalities
� Tree Diagrams, the Fundamental Counting Principle, and Compound Probability
� Venn Diagrams, Union, Intersection, and Complements Parallel Lines, Transversals, and Ratio Segments
� Review

Format: Reproducible Teacher's Binder

ISBN: 0-8251-6546-6

ISBN13: 978-0-8251-6546-7

ISBN13 Explained

Grades: 8

Readability: grades 8

Georgia Academic Support Program for Mathematics, Grade 8

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