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Power Basics Singles: Chemistry

Covers matter, measurement, atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, & the scientific method

Power Basics Singles: Chemistry
Item # WA-061215


Power Basics: Chemistry, Features:

  • Help students get a charge out of learning!
  • Introduces the periodic table and explains its importance
  • Covers all areas of chemistry, including matter and measurement, atoms, molecules, and types of chemical reactions
  • Motivates students to learn and follow the scientific method
  • Meets National Science Education Standards
  • Helps students prepare for standardized testing

Grades: 6-12, special & alternative education
Readability: 4-5, late elementary school

Power Basics: Chemistry, Components:

  • Student Text, ID#  056254, focuses on one concept at a time, illustrates lessons with concrete models and examples, and provides sample practice to achieve proficiency and mastery, ISBN 0-8251-5625-4, ISBN13 978-0-8251-5625-0, 240 pp.
  • Student Workbook with Answer Key, ID#  056297, designed to extend and enrich the student text with a variety of critical-thinking challenges, practice activities, cooperative learning opportunities, & more, ISBN 0-8251-5629-7, ISBN13 978-0-8251-5629-8, 100 pp.
  • Teacher's Guide, ID#  056289, The teacher's guide provides an overview of each unit; including, extension activities, a glossary, record-keeping forms, and graphic organizers for instruction, ISBN 0-8251-5628-9, ISBN13 978-0-8251-5628-1, 46 pp.
  • Test Pack, ID#  056033, offers a pretest, unit tests, a posttest, scoring keys, and test-taking strategies, ISBN 0-8251-5603-3, ISBN13 978-0-8251-5603-8, 46 pp.

Power Basics: Chemistry, Packages:

  • Classroom Kit, ID#  056173,
    includes 1 Binder, 1 Student book, 1 Student book Teacher's guide, 1 Workbook, 1 Workbook answer key, 1 Test Pack (all reproducible), Format: reproducible binder, ISBN 0-8251-5617-3, ISBN13 978-0-8251-5617-5, 438 pp.
  • Classroom Set, ID#  056084,
    includes 10 Student books, 1 Student book Teacher's guide, 10 Student workbooks, 1 Workbook answer key, and 1 Test pack, Format: reproducible binder, ISBN 0-8251-5608-4, ISBN13 978-0-8251-5608-3, 3,506 pp.
  • Singles, ID#  061215,
    includes one each of the following: Student Text, Student workbook, Teacher's Guide, & Test Pack, ISBN 0-8251-6121-5, ISBN13 978-0-8251-6121-6
  • Student Text 10-Pack, ID#  056270,
    includes 10-Student Activity Texts, ISBN 0-8251-5627-0, ISBN13 978-0-8251-5627-4
  • Student Workbook 10-Pack, ID#  056319,
    includes 10-Student Workbooks & Answer Key, ISBN 0-8251-5631-9, ISBN13 978-0-8251-5631-1, 1,014 pp.

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